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10 Amazing tips to plan a successful Bridal shower

by Daily Family
Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is a fantastic way to officially celebrate a bride-to-be. Not only is it one of the first pre-wedding events where friends and family from both sides get to meet each other, but it’s also filled with fun decor, snacks, gifts, and games—and it’s the perfect excuse to get fancy!

As a maid of honor, your tasks are more than purchasing a bridesmaid dress your bride selects and walking down the aisle. One of the more commonly accepted responsibilities is throwing your bride a bridal shower. While some family members may offer to host this pre-wedding event, you will likely be faced with the task of planning the bridal shower.

If this is your first foray into the world of weddings and most importantly, planning bridal showers, you may not be entirely familiar with expectations. That’s exactly where we have this article for you. No matter what theme your bride-to-be would love, we’ve pulled together the steps for planning the perfect bridal shower!

  1. First of all, what happens at a bridal shower?

Traditionally, a bridal shower is an all-female celebration for the bride, her friends/bridesmaids, and close female relatives from both sides of the family, such as grandmothers, aunts, and cousins. Activities usually include a mix of eating (either a seated meal or a casual one), playing games, and time for guests to mingle with each other.

  1. Create a shower budget

After you have understood what a bridal shower actually means then the next step is to create a budget for the entire process. This includes food, drinks, décor, venue, rentals, event design, photography, videography, and any other vendors or expenses incurred while planning. Depending on the type of shower and what the bride wants.

  1. Set a date for the shower

We recommend starting to plan the bridal shower at least six months before the big day, and no less than four months out. The shower should take place about two months before the wedding. Consult the bride before you finalize the date to ensure that it works for her schedule and also accommodates her family members.

Bridal shower

  1. Create a bridal shower guest list

After finalizing the date, the next thing to do when planning a shower is to create the bridal shower guest list (People you are inviting). Ask the bride for a list of must-invite people, as well as home addresses for each guest.

Note that Just: anyone who is invited to the bridal shower should also be invited to the wedding—that includes kids—so clear every guest with the bride before adding them to the list.

  1. Select your Location

It is very important you select the location you want to use for your shower. If you have enough space to host the bridal shower at your house, that is the most traditional option. If not, consider the home of a relative who is close to the bride. You can also host a bridal shower at a restaurant, a private banquet room, or any venue that speaks to the bride’s interest, such as an art gallery or spa.

  1. Roll out shower invitations

After finalizing the budget, place and your list is ready, you can mail out the bridal shower invitations about six to eight weeks prior to the event. This will give guests plenty of time to clear their schedules, buy a gift, and let you know if they’re unable to attend.


  1. Plan the bridal shower menu and stock the bar
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After you’ve sent out the invitations and the RSVPs start rolling in, you can begin working on the menu for the party. Our main pieces of advice for planning the menu: stick to foods that you know the bride will like, and choose foods that are easily served.

  1. Get the shower decor

This is very important because the decoration will also play a huge impact in making the event glamouring.  it’s time to kick your bridal shower decor shopping into high gear. You don’t have to go all out unless you want to—look for items such as mylar letter balloons, customized posters, tassel garlands, and photo backdrops that will instantly make the space feel personal for the bride. Fresh flowers and candles are great options, too!

  1. Map out the bridal shower games

While you’re shopping for decor, it’s a good idea to also look into shower games to entertain guests at the party.  Games are a good way to help your guests break the ice, especially if many of them have never met before. Plan the games for when there’s a natural lull in the party, such as after everyone has finished eating and before the bride opens her gifts.

  1. Let the Music Roll in

While music isn’t the main focus of the day, it’s nice to have some background noise as guests are arriving, chatting, and enjoying their refreshments. Create a bridal shower playlist with mood-boosting and age-appropriate songs—bonus points if they’re about romance or marriage!


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