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10 appliances that use the most electricity even when disconnected

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10 appliances that use the most electricity even when disconnected
A lot of people believe that just turning off the power of the home electronics is enough to stop them from consuming energy.

However, even devices that do not have a standby mode with an indicative light may also be consuming phantom power, that is, energy that is not perceived to be wasted.

Devices disconnected but kept in the outlet can consume between 1 and 50 watts per hour. And even if 1 watt per hour seems short, the day has 24 hours and that multiplied by the days of the month can result in a significant increase in your electricity bill, in addition to an unnecessary and ecologically incorrect expense.

Here’s how much you spend per hour (on average) some appliances you can have at home and take the habit of taking them out of the socket when not in use:

1. Computer: up to 21w/hour off and 80w on.

2. Notebook: 15 watts an hour or more even off.

3. Video game: 23 watts on and 1 watt off.

4. Sound system: 15 watts per hour.

5. Microwave: Up to more than 3 watts per hour.

6. TV: 3 watts per hour.

7. Home theater: 19.5 watts per hour.

8. Cable TV device: 33 watts per hour.

9. Coffee Maker: 1 watt per hour.

10. Mobile phone charger: If it is only plugged in, without the phone connected, it already consumes 1 watt. If your phone is charged (100% battery) and plugged in, it consumes 4.5 watts. And while charging the phone, it consumes 8 watts.

Do the math: If you have all these gadgets at home, off, but in the 24-hour outlet, their ghosting, not counting the actual consumption when they are connected, is enough to make you rethink your habit of leaving them in the socket: 112.5 watts per hour or more.

Multiply this by 24h, by the days of the month and by the watt cost in your area to see how much you can save by leaving them out of the outlet when not in use.

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