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10 Defects In Women That Men Do Not Support

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10 defects in women that men do not support
That everyone has defects is of general knowledge. Unfortunately, for most men, some female defects annoy a lot. And to general despair are the most common defects in most women.

Many people feel that they do not have them and some even consider virtues. But for men, it is quite uncomfortable and unpleasant. Of course, women can work on these shortcomings to improve themselves and improve the relationship with their partners.

1. Stubborn
Many women insist that something must be one way. This is rather unpleasant because they are often not right and their partners end up agreeing just to avoid fights and why they do not want to live in an unpleasant environment. But they abhor such attitudes of stubbornness.

2. Blight
Nothing worse than having someone look crooked at everything that is done or still disagreeing and failing. Nothing that man does is right or good. If he does a domestic chore, he did it the wrong way. If it does not, it does not help at all. Reasons to fight will always exist.

3. Vengeful
A forgetfulness of an important date for the couple will be enough for a very well planned revenge. And the plan is always very well thought out. Men tremble with fear of what is to come when they know their partners have this defect.

4. Sticky
That woman who does not break, who sends a message every second, and who complains if she does not receive an answer, who asks about everything, appears surprised at work saying that she was homesick and still wants to control the lives of her partner.

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5. Clutter
His clothes are thrown into the wardrobe and the coat hangers are empty. Shoes scattered all over the house, makeup in the bathroom sink, almost limiting the use of it, it really bothers a man and leaves him unable to even think straight.

6. Excessive storage
Men get really annoyed when the woman complains about every key that was not put in the correct place. They are so organized that they disappear with important things from them and never have time to do more enjoyable things like going out together or watching a movie. After all, everything in exaggeration is not good.

7. Lazy
Dependent women who do nothing and spend a lot of money paying for simple things that they themselves could do also make their partners uncomfortable.

8. Have no personality
It is important that each person has its essence and when the woman always depends on the opinion of others or can not be herself, need to imitate other people, their partners can get confused and it really does not please them.

9. To be vulgar
Whether it is exposing your body too much or insinuating itself to other men, this defect is very complicated for the partners. And when they end the relationship and they keep chasing, begging without giving themselves the least amount of value the situation gets even worse.

10. Ciumenta
Being jealous indicates low self-esteem. In small doses, it can even be pleasant. Making a scandal out of jealousy is really a nightmare for men.

No woman needs to cultivate these defects, and in seeking to overcome each one they will become even more beautiful and pleasing. All people have challenges to be overcome, including men. The quest for progress must be ceaseless and usually lasts a lifetime.

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