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10 essentials for a more comfortable and functional room

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10 essentials for a more comfortable and functional room
Increasingly, the room ceases to be a room of the house reserved only for sleep and turns into a refuge, where people seek to have a period of relaxation and even leisure. In addition, with the growth of home-office work, it has become common for many people to use the place where they also sleep as a work environment.

With so many new features for a part of the house that once only thought it could not exist without a bed, now it is natural to complete it with other furniture and objects that are able to optimize space, but without making it less cozy.

If you plan to redecorate your room or are moving to a new home and it will start from scratch, check out the 10 essentials to make your living space a pleasant and useful space.

1. Headboard
Usually purchased separately from the bed, often the headboards can be seen as a whim or mere decorative object, thus being left out of many rooms.

In addition to the comfort factor, the headboard can also give personality to the room, and can be formed by fabric, wood board, or even Christmas lights. Here it is worth having the creativity to find the best solution for the room!

2. Puffs, chairs or armchairs
For those who prefer to book the bed only for sleep, it is a good idea to have a comfortable ottoman or armchair in the room, which can be used for readings, short breaks or even a visit.

Chairs are welcome to accompany tables, especially in the case of studies and use of computers. WGSN interior editor Heloisa Righetto also points out that it is important that these furniture is easy to move, which facilitates the cleaning and organization of the room.

3. Multipurpose table
If space is not a problem and your room is an environment in which you spend a lot of time, an investment recommended by Righetto is a multipurpose table that is large enough to meet your needs and can serve as a study bench and dressing table, for example.

Even because, according to her, this room is not only useful at bedtime, also serving as a “refuge” in the house. Thus, it is essential that this is an environment, as well as cozy, versatile.

4. Hooks and/or Hanger
After a full day, entering the room and abandoning the bag, shoes and clothes scattered on the floor is a relief, except things will not organize themselves afterwards.

To facilitate this process, racks can support your personal belongings until you can store them in their places of origin or even serve to store their bags.

Another tip given by Heloisa Righetto is to use hooks on the walls to hang costume jewelry, scarves and belts, which also allows you to better visualize these pieces in day-to-day life.

5. Organizational boxes
An essential item, recommended are the organizer boxes, which can serve as a deposit for all types of objects and even as a decoration item if they are coated or have a different design. The key is to fit them in the empty spaces, like on the cabinets or under the bed.

It is not advantageous, but to use them only to hide the mess: it is important to identify them and keep them organized, so that the stored objects remain accessible.

To do so, according to Simone, it is valid to use accessories such as a CD holder, book holder, magazine maker, among others, all “affordable objects, easy to find and that work miracles in the organization, putting everything in Its proper place “.

6. Hangers
Hangers and hooks help keep the space in order and the same should happen with your wardrobe. Having a good number of available hangers ensures that your clothes are not dented and are not forgotten in the back of the closet because they have been hidden by overlapping pieces.

7. Carpet
It may seem banal, but a simple rug on the side of the bed can help make the room a more comfortable setting. As Simone explains, this “favors room heating, especially when the floor of the room is cold,” and makes waking and laying feet on the floor more pleasant than finding a icy surface.

8. Curtains
In addition to being a good item of decoration, it can complement the more thematic rooms or break the monochrome of the more sober, the curtains are essential to block some of the direct light entrance.

Simone considers them indispensable for a more cozy environment and still remembers that they can help to maintain the privacy, mainly for who lives in building and has neighbors of window.

9. Fixtures or blinds
For those people who study or work in the bedroom, good natural lighting can make all the difference so that you have more comfortable days.

In addition to brightness, it is vital to pay attention to the colors that you will see every day before bed. “Strong colors such as red, black, yellow and orange should be avoided in the decoration of rooms, because they are energizing colors that can cause agitation”, points out the professional.

10. Good memories and inspirations
With the items above, now the task is to give a little more personal touch to the room and, for that, the tip is Heloisa: “We have to be surrounded by things that we love, that make us happy. And nothing cooler than these memories, objects that make us smile and bring great memories. ” All kinds of objects are welcome for this purpose, whether they are photographs, a collection of travel souvenirs or the CDs of your favorite band.

The secret is still to keep the environment organized and, if her inspirations imply a small accumulation of objects, Simone still suggests the alternative of using her collections as the focal point of the decoration, and can even accommodate them on a shelf or Exclusive shelf.

Even though these are the most recommended pieces by professionals when it comes to compose a room, it is worth remembering that the whole environment can be adapted according to your needs and your personal taste.

The joke is to make you feel comfortable in the place and the main recommendation is not to miss the hand is to try not to leave the room too exaggerated: “avoiding to turn it into an environment loaded with visual, Energy, which interfere with the quality of sleep.

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