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10 Fatal Mistakes That Can Destroy a Relationship

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10 Fatal Mistakes That Can Destroy a Relationship
Living a love story is not always easy and some mistakes made on a daily basis can be fatal and destroy a relationship that had the potential to work out. Have you ever been in situations where you saw the story crumble before the moment you were about to engage?

Do not you know what you are doing wrong that does not let you be fully happy in a relationship? Check out the ten mistakes we listed below and avoid committing them in your relationship!

1. Lack of sincerity
People have a lot of reservations about relationship partners about talking about what bothers them. If you do not tell your partner what he does that does not please you he will not be able to guess.

The main tip to avoid destroying a relationship is to be a sincere person and talk eye to eye. Think that if the person you are with does not inspire you that degree of intimacy it is because you are not really involved.

2. Try to change the partner
Let’s start by making it clear that no one changes – unless you have this desire for truth – and it is very annoying to have someone trying to shape your way of being and behaving.

Even if you believe you know what is best for your partner, avoid becoming an incisive person by trying to change his or her way of life.

When you want a person in your life you want them the way they are when you met them and not how you think they can be if not, there is something wrong!

3. Try to please the partner by changing who you are
Its originality, however, some people forget about this when they start a relationship and in trying to please the partner can build a personality that does not fit their peculiarities.

Radically changing your lifestyle or tastes to please another person is the worst way to undermine a relationship because in the long run you will end up blaming the other for your choices.

The balance is ideal, the two must yield at some point so they can have a quieter life together.

4. Keeping in mind the partner of past mistakes
Has your partner been wrong with you in the past and have you continued the relationship?

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So it is to be hoped that you have forgiven the error, bothering the hurt and bringing the matter to the agenda whenever you are sad will not make things easier.

With this attitude, the most common way is to destroy a relationship. Ask yourself if you really can forget your partner’s mistake, if you think it’s too hard it’s best to end the relationship because there will always be this nuisance between you. If you choose to stay in the relationship, you really forget what happened.

5. Discounting your partner frustrations
Everyone faces difficult days at work or with family, but it is not fair and neither positive for the relationship to discount those bad feelings on their peers.

Be a more self-critical person and when you realize that you are upset, avoid getting too close to the person you love. Keep the focus on making the relationship healthy, let your problems out the door.

Talking about problems is one thing, but discounting your sorrows and hurts at someone who has not motivated them can be the trigger for destroying a relationship.

6 To think that life is a romantic movie
The stories we watch at the movies are very beautiful, but unfortunately they do not happen that way in real life.

One of the most common mistakes that can destroy a relationship is to think that there will be no difficulties.

Every couple will face problems either due to incompatibilities or everyday situations, the success of the relationship lies in how these two people will work with these difficulties.

Many couples give up on the relationship at the first difficulty and do not know whether or not they could have been happy together.

7. Forcing the other to talk about your personal problems
Being in a relationship means complicity, but it also means freedom to talk about personal problems when you feel like doing it. A very common mistake people make is to assume that the pair is forced to explain why they are sad or in a bad mood all the time.

Make room for the other person to feel free to discuss their problems when they think it is time. This strategy is great because it makes the other person talk even more than we wanted to know at first.

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8. Having mistrust
It is natural that people who have been betrayed or injured in some way in a previous relationship become more suspicious in the field of love, but you can not presume that the person you are with now will also deceive you, will not you?

It is very bad to be subject to constant suspicions, talk to your partner and tell him why you feel this way, talk about bad experiences and what behaviors that leave you with the flea behind your ear.

After clarifying the situation have more peace of mind.

9. Lack of attention to relationship
Nowadays we are busy and busy doing a thousand tasks, this can be interesting for the professional career and for strengthening us as an individual, but we must not forget to pay attention to the other.

It is crucial to give attention to the relationship planning activities to do two such as trips, walks, some time in the week to watch series or movies at last having special moments side by side. Many relationships come to an end because deep down they never existed.

10 – Finding the other is a fortune teller
One of the fatal behaviors that can destroy a relationship is to believe that the other person guesses what you are thinking.

No one can enter the head of another person and often what is evident to us is not so clear to others. So avoid fighting with your partner because he did not act this way or the way you expected because he certainly can not imagine what you were expecting.

Talking to the partner is the best you can do to build a stable and happy relationship. Nevrr to add God to be the center of the marriage. Then it would be a strong threefold cord.

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