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10 Golden Principles That Make Marriage Work (video)

by O. S David
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10 Golden Principles That Make Marriage Work

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To make your marriage work, both of you (couple) should grow towards God, suffocating any room for lukewarmness, weariness or backsliding.
Thou shall not fail to apply wisdom
The number one killer of marriage is ignorance. Most people know next to nothing about matrimony.
This is dangerous as the home can only be built through wisdom.
Wisdom starts with KNOWING, then DOING. It involves getting to know what to do and doing it to achieve the best result.
Thou shall not fail to be committed.
Marriage without commitment is like a beautiful car without tyres. Commitment is the mother of
faithfulness. It is the determinant of loyalty.
No family will survive forever on leftovers. Your marriage will go as far as your commitment to it will carry you.
Thou shall not fail to be a positive partner.
You cannot be a tiger at home and not have a tigress as a wife. A man you denied respect may deny you peace.
Matured couples use reconciliation as their weapon.
“I love you”… Have you said that today?
Thou shall not fail to accept your mate
Your spouse can never be somebody else, accept him/her. Everybody loves to be accepted and tends to flow with anybody who accepts them.
If you’re fond of comparing your wife with Mrs. A or Mrs. B, you will never appreciate the uniqueness of the “Angel” in your house.
Thou shall not fail to love and submit to each other.
You cannot be submissive and be abusive. You cannot be in love and be selfish.
Kindness, service and sacrifice are the love definition of love. If your marriage is in trouble, dial L-O-V-E.
To submit means to be obedient, respectful, to follow, to listen, not to argue, and be teachable.
Thou shall not fail to give room for a good bedroom life.
When a marriage hits the rock, the rock usually is in the mattress.
No man will prefer to work late in the office if he knows his wife will make him work late in the bedroom. A fun-filled sex life is the mother of fulfilment in marriage.
Thou shall not fail to understand marriage.
What you don’t understand you cannot manipulate. Until you understand marriage you cannot manage it. A new deal will also turn to an ordeal without ideal knowledge.
Marriage is for companionship, marriage is permanent, marriage is an interdependent relationship.
Marriage is a responsibility. Marriage is oneness. Marriage is a love affair. Marriage involves openness.
Thou shall not fail to communicate effectively.
Communication is the sole of any human relationship. When communication departs, frustration arrives.
If you fail to talk together, you will not be able to walk together.
The joy of marriage stems from a commitment that is communicated. If you speak well, your marriage will be well.
Thou shall not fail to make and manage money.
If you cannot manage money, you cannot manage life.
When couples agree on money, they can agree on virtually everything. What God has joined together, money can easily put asunder.
Couple must also adopt these two principles:
* Diligence – hardworking, being careful and thorough.
*Prudent – a sensible and careful attitude that makes you avoid unnecessary risks of spending.
Making money is good, saving money is better, investing money is the best.
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