by O. S David


Great Marriage is not a rocket science, it takes people with great attitude and great personality to make a great Marriage.
Great marriage do not come by chance or wishful thinking it takes great people to make a great Marriage
Here are people that are very great in Marriage, they make Marriage sweet and make their spouses happy, they are easy to live with, they are:
1) SERVANTS: People with servant hearts are great spouses. They are ready to serve and easy to live with. They are not only serving they serve with joy, they are not only serving with Joy, they are ready to sacrifice their time, convenience and rights just to make their partners happy and their marriage better. Dare to be a servant.
Proverbs 27:18 KJV
[18] Whoso keepeth the fig tree shall eat the fruit thereof: so he that waiteth on his master shall be honoured.
2) CELEBRANTS: These are sets of people who celebrate their spouses, they are not just spouses, they are friends and lovers of the one they married. SOS 4&5
3) COMPANIONS: While some married couples are combatants wise couples are companions. They do all things to complement each other and make life better for each other. They use more of “US” “WE” than “I” “ME” “MINE” and “MYSELF” they know that Marriage is a Union that comes from the same root word unity, they builds together, they stand together, they do everything together and move forwards winning their battles as a team.
4) SUPPORTERS: People in great marriage are supporters of each other. They are each other’s Fans club chairperson, they do everything to support, defend and promote each other’s wellbeing
5) LIFTERS: great people in solid marriage are lifters, they don’t pull down each other, rather they lift up each other
6) PILLARS: Pillars supports, pillars uphold, pillars protects. Great people in exceptional marriages supports each other, they uphold, protect and make each other solid, they builds each other up, never pull each other down
7) LOYALISTS: Great people in great marriages are loyal, they are loyalist of each other. They will ever talk ill of each other either in the presence or absence of each other. If they fight it will be between the two of them, they solve their problems without allowing third parties to be involve, they are loyal to each other and they are not hiding it, they are proud to say it. Are you loyal to your spouse? Phillipian 4:2
8) LADDERS: Great people in great marriage are Ladders, they allow their spouses to climb them to another level of progress, they never pull down, or wish their spouses fail, they make their back ready to be climbed by their partner into his or her promotion.
9) LOVERS: Whole lots of Married couples are just husbands and wives, but the best marriage is the marriage of two lovers. They go all out to make each other happy and make life easier for each other
10) GIVERS: “For God so love the word and GAVE his only begotten son……..”  John 3:16. People in Marriage are givers, they give because they love. They give their time,support,Money,prayer,loyalty,hands,ears,encouragement,motivation,praise,appreciation etc


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