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10 Horrible Sensations That Only An Anxious Person Knows

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10 Horrible Sensations That Only An Anxious Person Knows
Contrary to what many people think, anxiety does not manifest only psychological symptoms. Some physical sensations are also present in this picture, which makes it even worse.

Going through bouts of anxiety or even generalized anxiety disorder can affect a whole person. In addition to the psychological difficulties like bad thoughts, fear, nervousness, compulsions among other things, physical symptoms tend to be as bad as.

With all this, those who face an anxiety situation tend to stay away, isolated from social life and need a lot of medical help.

1. Shortness of breath
The feeling that there is too much pressure in the chest causing some difficulty in breathing is something reported by many patients suffering from anxiety.

2. Cardiac arrhythmia
The palpitations typical of an accelerated heart beat are also one of the physical symptoms of those who suffer from this evil.

3. Insomnia
As worries and fears are very common symptoms, insomnia ends up emerging as a co-adjuvant of the picture. The mind does not seem to stop worrying even at night, and despite all the fatigue, sleep does not come.

4. Muscle aches
One of the factors that are very present for the anxious are the muscular pains, and they occur precisely because the person can not relax, is tense most of the time, so it is not uncommon for her to feel pain mainly in the region of the neck and cervical spine .

5. Digestive problems
Stomach, stomach, gastritis pains are easily developed by anxious people. This is because the stomach is one of the organs most affected by anxiety.

6. Bad mood
It is not about freshness or boredom, the bad mood is actually derived from all the other symptoms that anxiety provides. Hardly feeling several different and bad sensations, the person will be good-humored.

7. Exhaustion
You may have done few things during the day and slept a good amount of hours, but the tiredness can be great for those who suffer from this evil. It is one of the physical symptoms present in an anxiety picture.

8. Nipple
Because the stomach is one of the organs most affected by anxiety, nausea and vomiting crises can further increase the patient’s condition.

9. Irritation
It is very common for people who suffer from anxiety to feel nervous and irritated for any reason, a symptom that causes even more stress in the family relations of those who suffer from this disease.

10. Weakness
That feeling of fainting from weakness can happen in anxiety crises just because proper eating is often not the priority of those who are going through it.

It is possible to control anxiety with the help of professionals – psychologists and psychiatrists – so if you are going through a picture of this, do not hesitate to seek medical help and rediscover yourself again.

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