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10 Important Things That Keeps You Going In Marriage

by Adenike Akindude
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10 Important Things That Keeps You Going In Marriage

Marriage is just like a car or vehicle, it can’t move from one point to the other without some important things in place.

7 Important Things That Keeps You Going In Marriage.dailyfamily.ng

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It is necessary for couples to keep in heart these important things that will keep the vehicle of their marriage going.

*Unconditional Love: to keep on going in your marriage, both partners need to have love that is not attached to anything for each other. This kind of love does not fade or die, it remains alive because it is not attached to anything.

*Honesty: if you want the vehicle of your marriage to keep moving; say the truth always. Saying the truth at all times does not cost you anything, it however, preserves you from dangers and heartache that comes from fear.

*Transparency: just like being truthful, transparency is also another very vital part of marriage. Try not to keep anything from your spouse, be plain, trustworthy. Let your spouse know you inside out.

*Prayers: God must be at the centre of your marriage if you want that marriage to stand the test of time. You and your spouse must pray to God always because He is the only one that’s got your back when every other person fails.

*Togetherness: a house divided against itself cannot stand. This is why, as a couple, you must do everything together and in unity.

*Appreciation: whatever you appreciate, increases. Appreciate your spouse for those little things he or she does and see that person increase to doing greater things for you.

*Tolerance: no one is perfect, you are bound to see flaws in your spouse. So, try to tolerate those things that seem to irritate you about your spouse. Discuss politely with your spouse about those things and what you can’t change, accept them.

*Communication: marriage cannot go on without effective communication. You and your spouse should talk about everything and at all times.

*Apologies: every couple must know how to say sorry when either of them offends each other. Don’t be too arrogant to apologise when you have committed an offence.

*Sex: your marital bed must be active frequently. S helps to strengthen the bond between yourself and your spouse.

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