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10 lies that most men tell their wives which are wrong

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10 lies that most men tell their wives which are wrong
Dr. House says, people lie – and according to my son, lying is part of human DNA. Anyway, it is a fact that one can not be sincere all the time without bringing serious problems for oneself. With couples it is no different. You must have lied to your parents to avoid problems when you were young, and now you feel that lying to your spouse for the same reason is not a bad idea. So here are 10 lies that most men tell their wives that you should not do.

1. “You look beautiful!”
This is classical statement. And who takes the reason from the husband who lies about it? No woman wants to hear from her husband that she is ugly or fat. And to avoid problems, and for wanting their wives to feel good, they lie. Of course he thinks you are attractive, maybe he is not in his best shape, but he loves her anyway.

2. You are not fat at all
If you know you are, why do you ask? You will be making him lie. In addition, whatever the answer, he is in a bad situation. If you say no, you accuse him of lying. If you say yes, you will feel bad and so will he. So do not ask. Take care of yourself without any neurosis.

3. “Bought for half the price!”

Why do men lie about the price of things they buy? According to the author of 5 simple steps to get your marriage from good to great, if what he bought is not so expensive, he runs the least risk of being frowned upon by you.

4. “My day was good …”
This lie is attributed t two main reasons. One is that when the man comes home, the last thing he wants is to delve into is the everyday issues. He wants to disconnect from the day and enter his cave while playing with the remote control of the TV. And if he says something bad, the wife will certainly want to talk about it. The other reason is that he does not want to worry her about problems he can solve alone. He wants you to spend time with him and not with his problems. So he definite needs to lie to you.

5. “I’ll tell you everything!”
No, he does not. No man counts. Some things he prefers to keep to himself. Whether it be unpleasant comments made by your friends, whether it’s a problem at work, a non-serious health problem, or a “dazzling” new co-worker. He simply does not want to upset her, put “worms” in her head, or even worry her.

6. “I’m going to the supermarket.”
The refrigerator is full and the pantry stocked. So why does he need to go to the grocery store? Because he just wants some time alone. He thinks that if he says that to his wife she will feel that he does not like her company or wants to be alone to do something he would not do in front of her. Do not worry, he just wants some cave time.

7. “I do not care.”

He cares, yes, whatever. He wants to be tough or pretend that what you say or think of him does not make a difference or does not affect him. But all that a husband most desires of his wife is admiration and respect. Every man has the need to feel admired and respected by the woman of his life.

8. “No, I was not with them.”

He will say that he was not with those friends with whom the wife implies or thinks they are a bad influence. For him it is difficult to have to choose between seeing you happy and being with the friends he likes. So he tries to have both and that’s where he lies. He stays with friends and you do not get upset. Perfect! On his head.

9. “I got into traffic”
When he’s late, maybe because he was talking to a colleague, or been at the bar, or surfing the internet in the office, he is afraid he will not believe him. Certainly there are exceptions, but your husband’s usual behavior will tell you more about him than his “white lies” which he tells to avoid problems.

10. “I do not look at other women, ever!”
It’s hard to believe there are men who say that. All women know that men look sometimes automatically. Nature endowed them with eyes, but not with quickness in their eyes.

The male view is more focused and they perceive the details better. The problem is the time it takes them to sum up the details and conclude whether the woman observed is attractive or not. About 5 seconds.

Already women excel at the ability to quickly look at the whole of the work in time to see the whole threat and then turn their heads to see her husband still adding the details.

From the above mentioned lies, it has however been noticed that you could adjust and not tell a lie to your wife. The most important thing is that you should come clean. However, you as a wife, please do try and understand your husband for whatever circumstances that he tells you happened to him.

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