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10 Players who are best friends (The Bromance story)

by Okechukwu Liberty
10 Players who are best friends (The Bromance story)

10 Players who are best friends (The Bromance story)

Since the beginning of the Friendship Day celebration in 1958, people never miss the chance to dedicate a day in honour of their friends.

Best Friends; Ronaldo and Marcelo

Best friends; Find a friend who stares at you the way Marcelo looks at Ronaldo

Many football players have become best friends for club and country over the years, they proved that their relationships extend well beyond the pitch.

Here we look at 10 players who are best friends whether in the field of play or in the outside world.

  • We look at some friendships in football that have drawn attention and inspiration over the years, featuring teammates for club and country.
  • Messi and Ronaldo also make the list, having made friends with several players at both Barca and Madrid.
  • Who truly is the best friend of both Ronaldo and Messi?

1. Sergio Ramos and Mesut Ozil:

“I had a good time there [at Real Madrid],’ Ozil told Arsenal’s official YouTube channel.

“I made some good friendships there as well. My best friend is Sergio Ramos, I’m still in contact with him.

“For me, he is maybe the best defender in the world. A good relationship, good guy, good personality and a good singer. He has a really nice voice.”

Ramos and Ozil are best friends

Ramos wearing Ozil’s jersey

These two buddies really shared a strong that even distance and time cant separate. The love was so strong that when Ozil was dropped by Mourinho to the bench, Ramos wore Ozil’s jersey under his own. The Spanish even tried desperately to score so as to dedicate the goal to his best friend.


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2. Ibrahimovic and Maxwell:

The great Zlatan doesn’t make many friends in the dressing room, but when he did chose, he choose Maxwell.

The relationship started after Zlatan moved from Malmo to Ajax, the Swede then discovered that he had no money at some point. So who did he call for a favour? Yes, you guessed right, he called the newly signed Maxwell, who had just sign for the dutch club back then in 2001.

Maxwell, a shy Brazillian and the Swede stuck together ever since.

They met up and got on so well that they didn’t leave each other’s company for the next month. When Zlatan met Maxwell, football’s greatest bromance was born. They both together for Ajax, Inter Milan, Barcelona and PSG.

Ibrahimovic and Maxwell won 24 trophies together

Ibrahimovic and Maxwell won 24 trophies together

You can’t touch that friendship!


3. Gattuso and Pirlo:

Talk about cat and rat, Tom and Jerry, these two and the memories they shared together would crack you up.

“You see him, the face of an angel but he is a son of a b****, always makes jokes, always breaks the boxes, does not stand still,” Gattuso told the CheTempoCheFa television show.

“One day I was eating at Milanello, I had the bright idea to leave my phone on the table, and he sent a text message to Galliani and [sports manager Ariedo] Braida offering them my sister.”Gattuso talks about Pirlo in an interview.

“He teased me for months, he was very funny and he could be a bit of a t**t (laughs).

Gattuso spanking Pirlo

Gattuso spanking Pirlo

“I punched him more times than Bud Spencer did Terrence Hill!”

My belly hurts from laughing at this story, Pirlo really knew how to prank Gattuso.

Pirlo even joined a group of Italian football pranksters known as the ‘Group of basterds’.

Pirlo staring at Gattuso, thinking about his next prank to play on him

Pirlo staring at Gattuso, thinking about his next prank to play on him

“Rino’s always been my favourite target, top of the table by some distance,” Pirlo writes. “This despite the fact that on several occasions he’s tried to kill me with a fork.

“During meal times at [Milan’s training facility], we’d invent all sorts to torment him and put him on the spot. When he got his verbs wrong (pretty much the whole time), we’d jump on him immediately. And then when he actually got them right, we’d make out that it was still wrong just to wind him up even more.” 

Do you have a friend like Pirlo in your life?


3. Ronaldo and Marcelo:

They both enjoyed sensational understanding on the pitch and off it during Ronaldo’s time in Madrid and they also caused endless nightmares for defenders. The pair also have a special understanding off the pitch too, they are always seen trying to play pranks on each other in training.

“I had a very good relationship with Cristiano, his family and his girlfriend,” he said.

When Ronaldo transfer to Juventus, he tried to lure, Marcelo, to join him in Turin.

Whenever Ronaldo scores Marcelo was always the one to run up and celebrate with the Portuguese, they loved such moments.

Whenever Ronaldo scores Marcelo was always the one to run up and celebrate with the Portuguese, they loved such moments.

Whenever Ronaldo scores Marcelo was always the one to run up and celebrate with the Portuguese, they loved such moments.

Do your friends celebrate your success?


4. Messi and Suarez:

Immediately Suárez joined Barca from Liverpool in 2014, he and Messi became unstoppable. In 2019 alone they scored a combined tally of 76 goals, and their time together at the Camp Nou means that their connection is just as prevalent off the pitch.

When Suarez left Barca, Messi said;

“I said what I felt in what was a tough moment. I understand people may have thought I should have shut up or let it go, as I did on many other occasions, but a lot of things hurt me in the last few weeks and it was my way of expressing that.” 

Messi on Suarez leaving Barca; "I miss him."

Messi on Suarez leaving Barca; “I miss him.”

How much do you miss that your best friend when he/she is gone?


5. Totti and De Rossi:

When Rossi retired, Totti said;

“I just want to tell you that you have been and that you will remain my brother forever.

I wish you the best in everything you do … because I’m sure you will do it great, like everything you’ve done so far.

Totti and De Rossi, brothers forever

Totti and De Rossi, brothers forever

I love you, Dani”

What more can we say about this relationship?

Do you love your friend?


6. Aubameyang and Lacazette;

The celebration, the goals they scored together, the jokes they shared, the moments they created in the Emirates. Talk about memoreroies, talk about Laca and Auba.

They dedicated goals to each other, they even left penalties to each other, they motivated each other.

After losing an important penalty against Tottenham, Auba was down, he spoke about the encouragement Laca gave him:

“This friendship is really really strong,” Aubameyang said. “Straight after he fell down, he looked for me and said, ‘You shoot. You have to be focused and you shoot’.

“It’s a great partnership and, of course, the coach decides who plays and whether we play together or not. And we have to accept that, that’s normal. But I think we are both really focused on playing for the team and giving our best.

“We don’t care about who is shooting the penalty, the most important thing is to score. After Laca got the penalty and looked at me, I felt good and I was ready to score because we are having a good period with the team and everybody said that I would score again.”

Laca encouraging Auba before the penalty take

Laca encouraging Auba before the penalty take

They fought together, they never fought one another.

Do you give your friends the opportunity and motivation to get better, remember we rise by lifting others?

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They have known each other since they were 10-year-olds. Interestingly enough, Vertonghen’s first goal for Ajax against Dembele’s AZ Alkmaar came from a corner kick where he was man-marked by his best friend, Dembele!

They crossed path again at Tottenham but this time they would go on to share memorable moments together in North London before Dembele’s move to China in January 2019.

“I know Jan from when I was 10 years old, we played together then,” Dembele said after joining Tottenham. 

Dembele and Vertogen; friends since 10

Dembele and Vertogen; friends since 10

True friendships never die!


8. Messi and Aguero:

It surprised no one to see Barca move for Aguero as a tactic to convince Messi to stay at the Camp Nou.

Young Messi and Aguero as best friends

Young Messi and Aguero as best friends

“We hope to play together, but we’ve been negotiating for some time,” Aguero told reporters upon being presented as Barca’s latest signing.

“But they are his decisions with the club. It’s a pleasure and I’m proud to play together, I lived with him and know him quite well.

“I think that yes, he will stay. I talk to him every day, but I can’t say what we talk about. He congratulated me.

“I’ve known him since I was a boy, training with him every day… In the national team, it’s only sometimes; here, every day.”

The relationship between the pair was bond with blood when Aguero’s friend Emiliano Molina, was involved in a tragic car accident while Aguero and Messi shared a room for the first time on a youth team trip to the Netherlands. Messi helped Aguero to get better.

Under what circumstance did you meet your best pal? 

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9. Fabrigas and Pique:

“Gerard I have played with since I was 10 years old. He hasn’t changed much but now he is a businessman and the image he has is completely different,” Cesc Fabregas told BBC Sport about Pique.

“He used to do crazy things all the time. One day he burst the tyres on the car of our goalkeeper. The guy went home and halfway back he was stuck on the motorway.”

Pique; "come to Barca, Cesc"

Pique; “come to Barca, Cesc”

The two have continued to be best friends, in 2011 Pique even used subtle methods to ensure Fabregas returned to Barcelona from Arsenal.

What strings would you pull, just to bring your friend close to you?


10. Terry and Lampard:

You cant mention Tery without including Lampard in the same sentence. The two icons of the English game, Lampard formed Terry a formidable bond. The London-born boys stood at the heart of the most successful era of Chelsea, leading the Blues to a historic Champions League triumph in 2012. They have also established internationals, earning a combined 184 caps together for the Three Lions.



Their friendship was so imminent that Terry as Aston Villa’s asst. coach refused to celebrate Villa’s goal against Chelsea while Lampard was Chelsea’s manager.

After Frank Lampard’s sack as Chelsea’s boss, Terry posted on his Instagram page stating;


Never mock the failures of your friends!



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