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10 signs that you have fallen into the trap of an emotional manipulator

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10 signs that you have fallen into the trap of an emotional manipulator
When we are out of a situation we can clearly see that one person manipulates the others to get what they want, but when it is with us it becomes more difficult to recognize that we have an emotional manipulator.

Have you ever felt guilty without a real reason for it? Did you take actions you never imagined because you felt impelled to such?

Know that this is more common than it sounds, below we list the 10 signs that you have fallen into the trap of an emotional manipulator.

1. Say one thing, do another
For if a person tells you that he will always be by your side and that he will support you in everything, but when the time comes to demonstrate simply refusing something is wrong.

An emotional manipulator makes the other person feel that it depends on their support. The fact of never supporting the other person makes the person trapped even more fragile.

2. It’s always your fault
When you are saddened by something the emotional manipulator has done, you know that you will hear that it is really your fault that has created many expectations.

If he’s the one who’s sad, it’s his fault, too. It does not really matter the situation or who is right and who is wrong.

A person who manipulates the feelings of others will always make others be held accountable for problems. A person can not always be a victim of situations, think about it.

3. You always have bigger problems than your
Everyone has some moment in life where they want to vent and it is extremely frustrating if the listening ear as well as not listening still detracts from their problems.

For, that is exactly what an emotional manipulator does, it reminds you constantly that you have far more serious problems than yours.

In the end you end up feeling even worse thinking you are complaining about life for no apparent reason.

4. Demonstrates extreme sensitivity
It’s very nice to meet a person who, in the early days of friendship, shares moments and secrets of your life with you, does not he?

Know that it is better to be suspicious of people who do this, since emotional manipulators tend to establish a very close relationship with those who wish to manipulate.

Making the other very close is a way to make him feel responsible for his sorrows. Take it easy in your relationships, be it friendship or love.

5. Say it’s a favor to be by your side
Besides being a type of emotional manipulation this behavior is configured in an abusive relationship, however, it is more common than we think in relationships of friends as in relationships of love.

One of the parties says that being by your side is a great favor, because no one else would bear that weight. Making the other person feel less is one way to keep him stuck.

6. Makes you doubt your sanity
Many times we know that a person is lying about having done or said something at some point, but that person has so much conviction in that it makes us doubt our own eyes and ears.

If this is a situation that happens repeatedly it can happen to the individual to doubt their own sanity.

Identifying this behavior is best to stay away from this emotional manipulation as it does not do you any good.

7. Make you feel always in debt
A person who likes you and can help you would do it without any problem, would you?

Emotional manipulators tend to always make it clear how much it is painful for them to help and that the individual in question is in great debt to them.

Helping just to help is not an option for someone who uses the sense of well-being of others in their favor.

8. Brainwash you
This is one of the signs that you are trapped by an emotional manipulator that is hard to see alone.

Start paying attention to what people close to you say about you always change your mind after talking to the potential manipulator.

Some manipulators are so talented in this art of inducing that it is hard to see that ideas have been inserted in your head. When realizing that this is happening it is important to leave the person in question away.

9. Ask you something in exchange for seeing you
People who like others simply strive to make encounters happen.

If you have a relationship in your life where the other person is always negotiating something in exchange for moments together, it is a sign that he is manipulating you.

Mentally pass on a history of the relationship and begin to wonder how often you just had good, healthy times without you feeling any weight.

10. Uses Your Weaknesses Against You
When someone wants the other person to be strengthened and has the courage to face life, he wants to tell him how special he is and how he can handle all the challenges.

But if we are talking about an emotional manipulator this is the last thing he wants. If he realizes that his victim has difficulties with his weight he will always make vicious comments about his clothes and about his meals.

In the case of a personal relationship insecurity the manipulator talks about how everything can always go wrong.

If you have identified one or more signs that you are trapped by an emotional handler, do not waste time running away.

This relationship is not healthy and brings no benefit to your life.

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