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10 signs that you are in a good relationship

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10 signs that you are in a good relationship
Maintaining a serious relationship is not always an easy task since many couples have different personalities and totally opposite ways of thinking. A dating or marriage can also be at risk when doubts start appearing and leave you always on alert and undecided.

For this reason, sometimes it is difficult to know if you are in a good relationship or not. To end this doubt or a part of it, here are 10 signs that indicate if you are in a good relationship.

1.You live happy moments
One of the best ways to know if your relationship is good is to see if when you are together you have a good time. Even if you are not doing anything important, just the company of the other is already reason to feel good and happy, and enjoy the small moments to two.

2. They do not get angry at each other
Apart from some cases, the person next to you can not easily irritate you, especially if it is for silly reasons. That is, when one is in a good relationship, one is not easily irritated with the way one acts or with the personality of the other.

3. You cultivate your old friendships
Many couples who start a serious relationship end up leaving old friendships out of jealousy or other motives. However, this is not good, since real friends can not be exchanged for anyone.

4. Do you miss yourselves?
Longing is a feeling that can not be lacking in a good relationship. After all, when two people love each other, they miss it, even when they do not see each other for a short time.

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5. You are honest with each other
Honesty is a virtue that can not be lacking in a good relationship. After all, when we decide to share our life with someone else, we need, to be honest with each other. So when there are lies in a relationship, even if they are silly, that is not a good sign.

6. You Control Jealousy
Jealousy is a natural feeling of the human being, but it can be controlled, especially when we really love someone. Therefore, in a good relationship, one must have confidence on both sides, in order to avoid jealousy.

7. You have fun together
If when you are together most of the time you have fun, that’s a great sign. After all, no one can stand in a boring and stationary relationship.

8. You praise each other
After some time of the relationship, often the compliments are forgotten or diminished. However, this is not good for the couple, since the praise makes all the difference to keep the flame of love always on.

9. You take care of each other
One of the signs that you are in a good relationship that deserves special attention is when you both take care of each other. This is essential for the relationship to work since caring for and care for each other makes all the difference.

10. You kiss each other often
No relationship lasts long without a kiss, does it? After all, the kiss is a show of affection and still feeds the fire of passion and the desire of couples.

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