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10 signs that he is married to another and just wants an affair with you

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10 signs that he is married to another and just wants an affair with you
1. He does not give you needed information

He is no fool to give you a tray of information that could bring destruction to your family.

2. No rings
When he wants to see you, he pulls his ring away and then behaves he his single. When you notice a ring with him, he tells you they are fanciful.

3. His social media has few friends.
Of course, it’s not the official profile. As most people have a profile on social media nowadays, he knows he will be very upset if he lies that he does not have one. So it maintains a parallel profile, with all the information locked to the public, a landscape or animal as a profile picture, and moves it from time to time to avoid suspicion.

4. No details about family
The less you know about your life, the longer it manages to keep this farce. If you ask about his family, he invents that parents live far away or have died, that he has no siblings and his family lives all over. He says his friends are all married, have boring wives who do not like to leave the house, or let them go out with friends.

5. Do not invite her to go out in public

Their encounters are usually in their apartment or in those “reserved” places where couples are in hiding, as far as possible from the neighborhood or the municipality in which they live. If one day you invite to go to a restaurant, get ready to travel at least a hundred miles to a larger city, where it is harder to find someone you know. Still, he will give preference to that discreet little table in a corner at the back of the restaurant.

6. Get restless when you are together

When he is in public with you, which is rare, he keeps looking around all the time, worried that someone who knows him will see you. He does not take it in his hand, he does not hug her. Prevents any physical contact.

7. He can invite her, suddenly, for a trip

When a business trip comes along, it’s a good opportunity for him to “average” with you; after all, he’s such a “busy” person, he has little time for you. But do not be fooled, a trip from time to time is a false proof that he strives to stay with you.

8. No calls at home

And he will call you at odd times, when you are in traffic, at work, or when his wife is asleep.

9. Does not allow you touch his things
Wallet, folder, laptop, cell phone … do not you dare touch them. It will be a fight right. They are, of course, objects filled with evidence.

10. Turn off the phone, or on “airplane mode”

He does not want to be surprised by the connection of the wife or children at a time when it is difficult to meet. But since he does not want to arouse distrust in his wife, he puts the device to vibrate from time to time. He probably never picked up the phone near you. He hangs up, takes a few minutes, and makes up some excuse to get close and call back.

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