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10 Things Every Woman Needs to Have Quality of Life

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10 Things Every Woman Needs to Have Quality of Life

10 Things Every Woman Needs to Have Quality of Life
In order for someone to live well, with quality of life, it is necessary to invest in both physical well-being and mental and emotional well-being. Here are 10 things we women need and deserve to have a happier and more pleasurable life.

1. Sex
To have a sexually active life and with relationships of quality, that provide legitimate pleasure, helps to improve the mood, contributes to the well-being and even helps to give an extra shine in the skin . No doubt every woman deserves good moments of pleasure for two.

2. Quality sleep
This is another point on which every woman should invest. Bet on a quality mattress and create a routine to slow down before going to bed. Try to sleep at least 6 hours a day and be careful to sleep in a comfortable position that does not hurt your back.

3. Physical exercise
The practice of physical exercise is a requirement almost mandatory for those who wish to have quality of life. Even if it is just a light walk, physical exercise will be beneficial to your body and your mind. In addition to being good for shape and health, practice provides a time of relaxation and introspection.

Activities that stimulate the brain. Another habit necessary to acquire quality of life is to practice activities that make you think and put the brain into action. Crossword puzzles are a good example of how to stimulate your brain and have fun at the same time. Find an activity that you enjoy and that requires mental dedication and start practicing it today.

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5. Fun
A monotonous life without fun is not a quality life, is it? So, go out with your friends, laugh, sing, dance, do what gives you pleasure. This way you invest in wellness and gain in quality of life. You will feel happy and fulfilled doing things that give you a sense of pleasure.

6. True relationships
Another thing that enriches a life is having good relationships. True friendships, a bit of romance and a good connection with family members also contribute to a quality life.

7. A touch of affection
Those who live alone and rarely feel the warm touch of a loving embrace are probably not as happy as those who enjoy these signs of affection.

The warmth of a mother’s embrace, the warmth of a friendly shoulder, the simple handshake of someone who loves you is the physical contact necessary to keep us well with life and connected with our most human and loving side.

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