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10 things mature women would never do with their husbands

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10 things mature women would never do with her husband
If there is something that men look for in a woman, it is their emotional maturity. Emotionally mature women would never do these things, and so loving relationships are not a complication to them. What are some of these things? They include

1. They would never put this man EVER first
Part of their maturity comes with security, and this security leads them to know and understand that they must put themselves first and that their well-being and happiness are as important as their man’s.

2. Never show more skin than necessary
They know that sensuality does not mean leaving with almost no clothes. They understand that in these cases, the less they show and the more they insinuate, the more positive attraction they will generate in the man they love.

3. Drama is not part of your vocabulary
They think of everything twice, and impulsive reactions just to cause a scene or a scandal, are not an option. For these women it is important how they are seen by others, and nothing would cause them to dramatize with their partner come what may.

4. Never pretend
Without causing a scene or drama, these women know that hiding something that has bothered or hurt them, just so the partner does not mind, is the worst mistake. Sooner or later you will explode and things will be worse.

5. They do not find themselves
Part of the emotional maturity comes with the discovery of who we really are and where we want to go. This helps the relationship to move on smoothly, and if you are still alone, it makes you find the kind of man who will make you happy.

6. Never play detective
My mother always says that the man who wants to be unfaithful, will find a way to do it. So there is no need to play detective and check everything.

7. Never use text messages as the way to communicate
Things should be said face to face, and if not possible, tell them over the phone. Text messages are for emergencies or short things like a ‘love you’ or ‘miss you’.

8. They would never change who they really are
These changes never end well, and they know that the only way to be happy is to be who you really are. Personality sacrifices or dreams are never justified and always end in disasters.

9. Never beg for love
They know that love exists there or not, it happens without anyone asking and NEVER begs for love.

If you want a very matured lady, then you need to look out for the above mentioned reasons. If not, then you need to turn your lady into one.

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