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10 Things you must not do during Courtship – (Snippets from Bisi Adewale’s – Pure courtship)

by Okechukwu Liberty
Pure courtship

10 Things you must not do during Courtship – (Snippets from Bisi Adewale’s – Pure courtship)

Courtship is that period between when man and woman agree to marry each other till their wedding day.

Pure courtship

The courtship between a man and a woman should be sacred

For young men and women who are in courting or about to court one another. The book PURE COURTSHIP authored by Bisi Adewale provides us with some of the things you must not do during courtship. 

We look at 10 of these things:

  1. Don’t neglect God in your courtship: Avoid whatever you cannot do in the name of Jesus. Don’t do whatever you can not do in the presence of brethren behind closed doors.
  2. Don’t pretend in courtship: Be yourself; let your partner know the real you. Pretence is a dangerous game.
  3. Don’t double date: As a Christian, you cannot be involved in two relationships at a time. ‘Extra tyre’ syndrome is not permitted among the children of God.
  4. Avoid secret courtship: Your pastor should give his consent before you start courting, just as your friends, family members and relations should be in the know. It should not be a secret affair.
  5. Don’t start to wear the same attire: It is wrong to do so.

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6. Sisters should not turn themselves into cooks or launderer: You are not expected to go and cook for the brother or helps him to wash his clothes. If you visit him; let him treat you as a guest.

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7. Never cohabitate: It is wrong to be living together before the wedding; it is unholy and annoys God. If you must live together, then get married.

8. Don’t be untruthful: Never tell your partner what is not true. Don’t say you are what you are not. Be truthful and faithful.

9. Don’t court without focus: Let your courting be focused. Determined when you are likely to get married from the beginning, otherwise, it may lead you into trouble of fornication.

10. Don’t start having sex in courtship: “Marriage is honourable among all and bed undefiled, but fornicators and adulterers, God will judge“. Heb 13:4. Sex is not for those in courtship. It is the conjugal right of married couples.

Sex before marriage is fornication.



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