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10 Things You Ought To Know About Money – Sam Adeyemi

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SAM ADEYEMI is senior pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos, Nigeria. He is a prolific writer, a business consultant, and a model to many youths, whom he dedicated his time to train on excellent leadership and wealth creation. Recently during one of his training, he bares his mind on money.

According to Sam Adeyemi, there are certain things you ought to know about money and how to get it. Let’s get to know what he says about money.


(1) “Money is not the root of all evil. There are a lot of good things money can do. Money puts good food on your table, clothes on your back, clothes on your children, your spouse, and a good house to live in. Money is a defence.”

(2) “We should correct the mindset that people who have money are evil. Anger directed against rich people is unnecessary. There are good people who have good money. if you programme it into your mind that only thieves have money, your spirit will not cooperate with you to get it.”

(3) “Money always flows away from those who don’t know how to treat it well to those who know how to treat it well.”

(4) “Poor people work for money; rich people make their money work for them.”

(4)”You don’t talk about money without planning. Planning means strategic thinking. With accurate planning, you can be on top even 20 to 30 years from now at a time when some of your contemporaries would be broke. if you plan ahead, with the help of the Holy Spirit, you will be on top.”

(5)”When you have the money you have a voice. As Christians, there are some companies we can actually invest in just to exercise influence and have a voice in their affairs.”

(6)”Don’t leave your money idle in the bank. Banks make a lot of money from other people’s money. The rate of inflation particularly in poor economies can make you lose money in real terms when the rate of inflation is higher than the bank interest rate. invest in fixed deposits, stocks and shares of companies.”

(7) “Also settle this in your mind about money; you deserve to be rich. Money is not the exclusive reserve of some people. The fact that you have found it challenging to get it does not mean you are not entitled to it. God does not make some people more special than you are. All of us are worth exactly the same thing to God, so you have to put the same value on yourself that God has placed on you. You are not inferior and deserve to be financially blessed

Rich people don’t have two heads, four legs, or four hands. There was no special provision made for anybody. Of course, the rich have stumbled on some things and have learnt a few secrets to getting what they have gotten, but you deserve to get those things as well. You will get them.”

(9)”There is no shortage of money anywhere, shortage is artificial. Some people want to keep their domination over everybody and create artificial scarcity, but know that there is nothing God created that can ever be in short supply. God is a God of abundance and everything He created is in abundance.”

(10)”God wants you to prosper, believe it. One of the reasons Jesus died for you on the cross is to remove you from poverty. You should note that”.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi and his wife have three children, two daughters, and a son.

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