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10 Things You Should Know If You Want To Conquer A Woman

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10 Things You Should Know If You Want To Conquer A Woman
As much as we are interested in finding a man who loves us and wants to be with us, accepting us as we are and making us feel the happiest women in the world, we are not desperate enough to accept any man who cares for us.

Fall in love, men! Conquer Your Women! Strive to please them! I know this is not easy for most of you, but I have separated some tips that can help you make the woman you want fall in love with you too.

1. Invite her out
If you have met a woman you want to spend more time with, do not wait for her to call you. Taking the first step, even today, is the role of man. There is nothing wrong with asking if she wants to date you again.

The most that can happen is to receive a negative response. But the attitude of phoning will never be forgotten by her. Therefore, you will win, regardless of the answer you get. Point for you.

2. Do not miss the contact
You had a wonderful meeting, which made you even more interested in her. Contact, Phone, send email, try social networks. There’s no reason to turn away if you truly believe that a relationship between you can work.

3. Make it clear that you want to start a relationship
If you like the woman you are dating and believe that they can work together, you should ask her to date. Women like to know where they are treading. Being in doubt may cool the mood and the woman may want to go elsewhere.

Talking about what you feel and the way you would like the relationship to take is very clever of you, because if you do not feel the same way, you avoid mutual hurt.

4. Be monogamous
If you are both committed to each other, meeting new people and relating to others should be out of the question. If you really want to be with this woman, do not say that you find it normal to go out with other people. They both want to be together and two.

5. Include the woman in your life
If you truly want to conquer a woman, you must include her in your daily life. No, that does not mean you should be together 24 hours a day. I mean, you should see her as someone you can tell how her day was, her problems and her joys. And worrying about her routine, too.

6. Do not abandon her to travel with friends.
There is nothing worse than waiting for the weekend to arrive to see you and hear that nothing will happen because at the last minute you decided to travel with friends (and friends).

That’s the same as saying that your interest is over and that other activities that do not include the girlfriend are much more interesting than seeing her. This is the recipe for ending a relationship.

7. Be yourself
Men are very competitive with each other. They want the best car, the best job, the best house, the best clothes, lots of money and the most beautiful girlfriend.

To conquer a woman, a man is able to lie about what he is and what he has, because he thinks that the female sex will also receive him better if he is more than he really is. This is not true! The man who shows himself to be transparent is the man by whom the right women fall in love.

8. Exercise your patience
Every woman has hormonal fluctuations and, with it, mood swings. We know that. We also know that this bothers men. But we could not help it. It’s part of our biology.

If you are patient and can understand that on that particular day the woman you are trying to conquer does not feel well or is sad about something non-specific and choose to listen to it and help it, mission accomplished. You are a human being and not a macho man and unable to understand the opposite sex.

9. Be sincere
Oops, come on! I’m not trying to say that you should tell her you’re fat or ill dressed if she asks you. I mean that if you want to have a partner who trusts you and wants to be with you every moment, you must be sincere about what you feel, the problems and doubts you have, their qualities and their limitations.

10. Make sure you really want to win this woman for the right reasons
If you’ve had several conversations with this woman and felt an inexplicable connection, if you saw her at times when she was happy, sad, sulky and irritated, lived with her qualities and defects and know who she is and still want Conquer her to have her as his wife, do not waste time.

She is the right woman for you to build a family. But if you’re trying to win over her for frivolous reasons that are likely to hurt her, stop now. That’s not cool. Do not do what you do not want them to do to you.

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