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10 Ugly Things That Terrible Husbands Do To Their Wives

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10 Ugly Things That Terrible Husbands Do To Their Wives
Okay, so you are not a terrible husband. But there are some terrible things that you definitely do not want crawling into your marriage. Your wife deserves more than a husband with any of these 10 ugly habits.

1. Criticism
Please watch yourself and do not get caught in the trap of criticizing your wife. Choose to see what is good in it. Greet her in her successes. The next time you feel tempted to say something you do not like about it, substitute it with a sincere compliment. She’ll love it.

2. Controls
Believe it or not, you’re not always right. And your beautiful wife is really good at making her own decisions (usually very good decisions). So stop feeling that you need to control where she’s going, what she’s doing, how much she spends, and more. Instead of stressing yourself, work together as a team, encouraging and supporting each other. Let your wife be herself and give her wings to fly.

3. Treat it as an object
Please, husband! Your wife is not an object. She is your wife, your best friend and your queen. She deserves the highest respect, especially when it comes to sexual intimacy. Always respect her and her body and seek to establish a deep emotional relationship and trust before thinking about sharing sexual intimacy with her.

Sex can be the most unifying, satisfying, and beautiful thing about marriage when you both treat each other with respect.

4. Do not give her an exclusive time
You have a wife. You are a lucky guy. Please do not forget her. Do not be too busy to call her, send an SMS or notice when she enters the room. The next time you see her, give her a big hug and tell her that you love her.

Let her know that she is your priority, putting her first – ahead of work, time with your friends, TV or football. Sit on the couch and talk to her. Ask her about her day, her thoughts, her worries and her funny experiences. Beware, you may find that sparks suddenly begin to fly around madly.

5. Uses raw or dirty language
Husbands, please, you are no longer teenagers (and even when they were the bad language it was not cool). Watch your mouth. Cut out the habit of swearing, and put an end to the rough, dirty language of your vocabulary.

You may be surprised at all the other words available to use when expressing your feelings. His wife deserves to hear words that a gentleman would say, not the language of a brat. Buy a dictionary. OK, no need, but try a few new words. Your wife will feel in the clouds and others will think you are much smarter.

6. See pornography
This is a sure way to ruin your marriage, your life and your future. Simply put, do not watch pornography and do not even let your eyes “search” everywhere you go. Look within yourself and decide to choose a better path.

If you’re caught up in the ugly habit of pornography, get professional help (there are lots of resources for that). Find a therapist who can help you start the process of getting rid of this addiction.

You need to change for yourself and for those you love. So think deeply and decide what kind of life you really want. Never Forget to turn to God in prayer always.

7. Has unrealistic expectations
The last thing your sweet woman needs to hear is that she is not up to her unrealistic expectations. Please do not compare your wife’s body, financial skills or maternal skills to anyone. Their comparisons, over time, crush their self-esteem.

Decide to be kind, patient, forgive and be flexible. The more you emphasize all of her positive qualities, the more she will naturally begin to live up to those positive compliments and become the woman you describe, and more.

8. Does not help at home
Sincerely? You can bring in half the rent, or all of it, but that does not mean you can relax on the couch while your wife cleans, tidies, and washes dishes every day, day after day.

Roll up your sleeves and offer help. Clean the bathroom (yes, the one you use every day), store the groceries, or do the dishes (oh, alas!). You and your wife are a team and must work side by side creating the home of your dreams.

9. Loses patience easily
You are a grown man. Yelling at your wife is not appropriate, nor effective, much less useful. Crashing is completely out of the question. Anger, attacks, throwing things and threatening are forms of abuse.

You can learn to control your temper. You can learn to react calmly and with love. By doing this, your wife will feel safe with you and will enjoy being close to you.

10. Mind and deceive
If you think you can play that job cat and your wife will never know, then you are fooling yourself and you may be disastrously surprised. And honestly, even if your wife never knows that, it’s still wrong.

Do not throw away everything that is really meaningful for a fleeting moment of pleasure. Choose to be honest. Choose to be loyal. Live according to the promises made to your bride at the altar. She deserves all this, and more.

Now, if you have found yourself in any of these ugly habits, do not beat yourself up. Instead, decide to be better and make the necessary changes. Draw a course today that will guide you and your wife to the “happily ever after” you have always wanted.

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