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10 Unusual Ways to Avoid a Cold

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10 Unusual Ways to Avoid a Cold
Few things are as uncomfortable in our lives as a cold.

To feel uncared for and to spend days with the breath and the throat compromised is reason to leave anyone of astral low.

But what causes the cold?
The cold is a super common benign infection caused by more than 200 types of virus and it affects the respiratory system, especially the throat and nose.

These viruses usually enter the body through the nose, eyes or mouth, through contact with contaminated air, contaminated hands brought to the face or through touching contaminated persons or objects.

Some of the main symptoms of the cold are sore throat irritated, congestion and runny nose and frequent sneezing.Hygiene habits like washing your hands and using alcohol gel, in addition to maintaining a healthy diet, rich in vitamins and nutrients are the key to avoid getting a cold.

But did you know that there are also unusual methods for staying well away from colds?

Here are the 10 natural prevention alternatives:
1. Clove and Cinnamon
When temperatures change abruptly it is natural to have cold outbreaks. So when you realize that everyone around you is getting sick, get a handful of clove and cinnamon and leave it in the bag.

From time to time, put the spices in your mouth and leave it for a while. They are able to neutralize viruses and thus prevent unwanted colds.

2. Put a few drops of essential oils in the humidifier or aromatic candles
Essential plant oils such as lemon, and rosemary are great for preventing colds by reducing coughing and detoxifying the nasopharynx.

To inhale the essential oils, simply place a few drops in your air humidifier, in scented candles or even in a clean cloth that should be placed next to your nose when you are in public and closed places such as buses and subways.

3. Eat yogurt daily
Nothing is more effective in preventing colds than strengthening your immunity.

One of the best foods to achieve this goal is undoubtedly the yogurt, which increases the production of white blood cells and hence the immunity of the body. Therefore, include yogurt in your diet and taste it daily.

Give preference to skimmed yogurt, which has the least amount of fat.

4. Take Citrus Baths
Ascorbic acid present in citrus fruits such as lemons, mandarins and oranges is excellent for preventing colds by purifying the body and away from viruses. To make a different inhalation of ascorbic acid, boil the cut fruit into slices, let it sit for half an hour and bring the tea to the bath.

Pour the infusion into the tub and take a relaxing bath while strengthening your immunity.

5. Add turmeric to your meals
To avoid colds, add turmeric to your meals. The saffron contains curculin, capable of eliminating viruses and bacteria, thus protecting the body from aggression.

6. Eat more oysters
Oyster is an essential food for maintaining good health and keeping you well away from colds.

That’s because oysters (like mussels) are rich in zinc, which strengthens the immune system and offers greater resistance to diseases such as colds.

7. Taste a glass of champagne (warm) before bed
When you notice the first symptoms of the cold, drink champagne!

Joining the useful to the pleasant seems crazy, but is what the French infectologist, Henri Puget recommends. According to the doctor, the champagne, when boiled with sugar, is effective in combating viruses and toxins.

After boiling the mixture, allow to mix and drink before bed.

8. Eat chocolate to avoid a cold
Chocolate is one of the passions of 8 out of 10 people. Besides being delicious, this delicacy strengthens the immune system and helps you avoid colds.

But watch out, prefer the chocolates produced with at least 60% cocoa.

9. Gargle with salt and water
This super simple recipe can also be salvation when you realize it is getting cold. Water, when mixed with salt, becomes a potent formula for fighting invaders such as viruses and bacteria.

So gargle with the mixture twice a day.

10. Drink lots of green tea
Among the many benefits of green tea is the fight against colds. The herb is rich in zinc, iodine and phosphorus, and is important for immune strengthening and to prevent cold discomfort.

Drink the tea at least once a day.

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