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10 Ways To Help A Friend With Cancer

by Family Center

10 Ways To Help A Friend With Cancer
Cancer has said to be the leading cause of death in the 21st century. In the past, HIV/AID, has been said to have taken the lives of several. What then can you to help a friend of yours with cancer?

1. Offer to run errands for the cancer patient. This will be make the individual feel loved and not neglected

2. Say some nice stories of the past. Good memories can indeed bring a lot of pleasure and fun to the eye. So, the good old days is something to talk about.

3. Offer to take the individual on the doctors appointments. This way, the cancer patient will not feel lonely when going through another bad news from the doctor.

4. Arrange to baby-sit the kids and then arrange playmate times for the patient.

5. When going to a support group meeting, then it is not bad idea to go along so that the emotional health can be stabilized.

6. Offer to make and receive calls for the cancer depressed friend. You then wish to relate the calls later when your friend is stable to receive the news.

7. Suport the cancer movement by wearing a cancer t-shirt to make the cancer patient know that you mean your actions truly.

8. Make out nd shedule time out for a eating out and movies watching. When this is done, then the person can abardon the worries.

9. Help the cancer patient by donating charities to the foundation and other support groups.

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10. Research other questions that may relate to the cancer or other related issues.

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