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10 ways you can keep your marital bed warm always

by Akinola Olabode

10 ways you can keep your marital bed warm always

Little acts matter in marriage and there is nobody that is unromantic if the right things are in place and practised. There are things you can do to your spouse to make him or her happy, your marriage bed warm and then keep your marriage evergreen.

Here 10 ways you can keep your marital bed warm

1.Brush your teeth.
Fresh breath makes closeness easier. This is very helpful; make sure your mouth smells fresh always. If you have a mouth odour, please get a mouthwash and other things that will help.
2. Go to bed at the same time.
Try as much as possible to turn in at the same time. You shouldn’t have any reason to go to bed separately, make sure you seldom do this. It is good to always go to bed at the same time.

3. Kiss and make out with your spouse often.
Make sure you kiss often, it has been said that kisses relieve stress. Depending on where you kiss your spouse, you can use kisses to pass different loving messages at the same time.

4. Stay faithful to your spouse.
You must be faithful to your spouse; don’t allow him/her to have any reason to doubt you when you talk. Trust is key in keeping your marital bed warm.

5. Don’t argue.
Don’t allow arguments to destroy your intimate time together. Instead of arguing, listen well and know how to give the right response with the right tone. Always ask yourself “Am I speaking to my spouse with a smile?” Smile while you talk and not frown.

6. Praise each other’s body, character and achievements in bed.
Everybody wants to be appreciated, eulogized and praised. So for every little achievement, praise your spouse and appreciate the shape God has given you.

7. Play love songs or worship music in the bedroom to set the mood for warmth.
Let it be a music both of you like so that you can both enjoy it together.

8. Make sure you don’t deny each other your bodies.
Sex is one of the things you need to keep your marriage bed green forever.

9. Take time to pray.
Take turns. Today it’s his turn, tomorrow hers. Prayer will strengthen the cord that connects the both of you. It will bake the bond unbreakable because there is no way quarrel will find its way when you pray together. Pray Always!

10. Wish each other a good night and let that morning kiss be your good morning. This will put you in the heart of your spouse all through the day.

How then can infidelity have its way? So, practice these things as often as possible and watch your marriage bed stay warm always.

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