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-By Bisi Adewale
Women naturally were beautiful creature, with their beauty spanning through all aspects of their being. It is beyond the physical.

It was Audrey Hepburn that said: 105 THINGS MEN SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WOMEN
“The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides”
As beautiful as women are, they can be very complex. Yes,or may look complicated to Men around them. 105 THINGS MEN SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WOMEN
A Man went to the university to carry out research about women ,for seven years he studied day and night,then he submitted his report to the authority on a piece of Paper, he simply wrote “WORK IN PROGRESS”.
Two sets of researchers were to study Men and Women. Group A studied women,while group B studied Men. When they brought their reports Months later,Group B that studied Men brought in a 1000-page report,but Group A that studied Women couldn’t bring in their report,they claimed they were still typing their reports.Finally,when they brought it ,it was 95 Volumes of Ten thousand- page books,which they called “Volume 1 report”.105 THINGS MEN SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WOMEN
Though, these are both jokes,but every Man knows that his wife can be complicated a times .So, we need to study and know women whom we are bound to live with all the days of our lives.
As Men, we need to understand women around us because they are our Mothers,Sisters,Wives and Daughters. 105 THINGS MEN SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WOMEN
Here, we need to discuss 105 Things Men should know about women. 105 THINGS MEN SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WOMEN

When it comes to making an impression in the heart of a woman, you don’t have to go broke. This applies to all things, because what women are really looking for is thoughtfulness. Kind words, meaningful touch, small acts of service – your love is best communicated in those little details.

2. “I LOVE YOU” IS A MUSIC THAT CAN NOT GO OUTDATED TO A WOMAN: Women always want to hear “I love you.” She can’t hear it enough.So, guys, it is a song you must sing everyday.

3. WHEN A WOMAN SAYS “GO AHEAD”: It means I dare you, not permission.

4. WOMEN WANT TO BE ADDRESSED RIGHTLY: If you call a woman “Hot”, it doesn’t mean anything. Call her pretty, sweet, beautiful and lovely. That’s the right way to woo a woman.

5. WOMEN LOVE TO BE SPOILT: Women love to be spoiled with love and care. They sometimes have this childish part of them that really comes out especially when they want something really badly.

6. SHE KNOWS THE TRUTH: When a woman asks you a question, it is better you say the truth, chances are she already knows the truth. She just want you to fool yourself, she will soon show you her evidence.

7. ALMOST ALL WOMEN HAVE SOMETHING THEY HATE ABOUT THEIR BODIES: Because most women believe in things being perfect, they have this part of their body they just don’t like, they are always feeling bad about it and just hate it. Help your wife overcome this feeling by passing great comments about her looks and body always.

8. WOMEN LIKE IT WHEN YOU ASK FOR  ADVICE FROM THEM: They like it when men seek their opinions before doing anything. This action just shows that you trust her, and that she’s someone you can count on. She loves to talk and by asking her, she’d feel that her opinion matters to you.

9. WHEN A WOMAN COMPLEMENT YOUR DRESSING, SHE WANT YOU TO WEAR IT AGAIN: If your wife compliments an item of clothing that you wear, take the none verbal cue and wear it more. Trust me, that’s what she is saying; ‘Dear, I want to see this more on you’

10. WOMEN LIKE MEN WHO KNOWS THEIR NEEDS: No woman wants to keep talking about her needs. She wants you to know her enough and be able to predict what she needs without having to tell you every time.

11. WOMEN DO GIVE HINTS OF WHAT THEY WANT INDIRECTLY: It only takes your patience, being attentive and sensitivity for you to detect what they like. It could come in words like, “I like what that woman is wearing”, “blue bags are always good, “big phones is good for women” “Roseline’s husband bought her a nice car” Read from the cues, be sensitive and get her what will make her happy.

12. WOMEN LIKES MEN WHO PROTECT THEM: Women love to be secured and they expect their men to do that for them. Make her feel safe with you all the time.

A good way to make a girl mad is not trust her when she’s being honest.

14. WOMEN HATE BEING IGNORED: Women hate to be ignored. Don’t ignore her beauty, good dressing, good deed, good cooking and good attitude. They just want to be noticed.

15. WOMEN ARE SLOWER BUT ARE NOT STUPID: Women are a little bit slower than men, but are not stupid.

16. WOMEN CAN BE FEARFUL: Yes, a woman can fear anything, all you need to do is to assure her.

17. WOMEN CAN OVER BLOWN PAIN IF THEY KNOW YOU CARE: She can exaggerate pain, fear or happenings if they know that you  listen to them. Don’t run mad because of the way she describes the accident. Just be calm to take the right decision.

18. WOMEN LIKE LISTENING MEN: When a woman is in love with you, she can never be tired of talking to you. All she wants is for you to be attentive without any form of distraction. She wants to talk about her fear, joy, plans, past and much more. In fact, she wants to talk about everything.

19. WOMEN DON’T LIKE THEIR MEN TO WATCH PORN: Women feel sad to see their husbands watch another woman’s nakedness. Whether physical or just a piece of video (Pornorgraphy), she feels slighted.

20. WOMEN DON’T LIKE THEIR MEN TO HAVE ROVING EYES: Looking at all Bums that pass, viewing all uncovered cleavage makes an average woman feel threatened and uncomfortable.

21. WOMEN DON’T LIKE THEIR MEN TO APPRECIATE THE BEAUTY OF OTHER WOMEN IN THEIR PRESENCE: Women do feel threatened when you appreciate the beauty of other women. So, avoid it

22. WOMEN DON’T LIKE FLIRTY HUSBANDS: Flirting with girls or others simply means you’re not a one-woman-man; remember that actions speak louder all the time.

23. WOMEN WANT THEIR HUSBANDS TO BE PROUD OF THEM: Women want to feel that you are proud of having them. You have to say it and show it.

24. WOMEN LIKE IT WHEN THEIR HUSBANDS SHOW THEM OFF: They may not tell you but sometimes they want you to show them off to your family and friends.

25. WOMEN WANT THEIR MEN TO KNOW THEIR LIKES AND DISLIKES: Knowing her likes and dislikes is cool for her. This means that you are that interested to get to know her better and to make ways to make her happy.

26. WOMEN LOVE ROMANTIC HUSBANDS:   Play with her, Kiss her under the rain and in front of your family and friends, it’s not that hard.

27. WOMEN’S DEFINITION OF ROMANCE IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK: Men define romance as “Sex”, Women define romance in a more complex and complicated way. If you ask a woman to define romance, she will say; “touch me”, “Kiss me”, “hold me”, “take me out”, “Play with me”, “Hug me”, “buy gift for me” “Massage me”, and the list is endless.

28. EACH WOMAN IS DIFFERENT IN THE WAY SHE DEFINES ROMANCE: Don’t just read a romance novel and think what you read in it or watched in a film is what your wife want. Not at all, you need to ask questions and look for clues.

29. WOMEN LIKE ROMANCE BUT NOT SEX: What a woman want most is not sex. It is not really her need, what she want is love, care and romance. If you give her these, she will give you sex.

30. WOMEN TAKE ABOUT 40 MINUTES OF FOREPLAY TO BE READY FOR SEX: It takes a man few minute to be ready for sex, but women will take between 30 and 40 minute to be ready.

31. WOMEN CAN REACH ORGASM MORE THAN ONE TIME IN AN INTERCOURSE: Unlike men who can only reach orgasm once  in a sexual intercourse, women can reach orgasm several times.

32. WOMEN CAN REACH ORGASM WITHOUT INTERCOURSE: Women can reach orgasm during foreplays and be totally satisfied. So, husband need to be skillful in the bedroom.

33. WOMEN CAN USE SEX TO BROKER POWER: Some women uses sex as trade by barter to hold their husband into ransom, this is wrong.

34. THE STRONGEST SEX ORGAN OF A WOMAN IS NOT UNDER HER PANTIES: The heart of a woman is her strongest sex organ  not her genital. If you must open her panties, then you must feed her heart and make her happy.

35. WOMEN LIKE SOMEBODY THAT MAKE THEM LAUGH: Women find themselves more attracted to someone with the ability to make them laugh. Laughter strengthens relationships with them

36. IF YOU BREAK A WOMAN’S HEART, SHE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME: Be careful, don’t break a woman’s heart. They hardly totally heal or get over it.

37. WOMEN ARE GOOD DETECTIVES: Women are good detectives. Some just does not open it up with their husbands

38. WOMEN CARE FOR DETAILS: When a woman ask you how was your day? Fine!! Is not the answer she is expecting, you need to explain what happened during the day

39. WOMEN TEND TO BE MORE ORGANIZED: When women organize a program, event or party; they tend to be more organized. To a man, party is all about food and music, but women will never forget tooth pick, serviette, stain removal etc

40. WOMEN TEND TO BE MORE COMPASSIONATE: If people witness an accident, women will be crying; it may not even move men in the house.

41. WOMEN DO FEEL SECURE WITH REAL MEN: If you are a real man, women will be very secure seeing you around.

42. WORDS AFFECT WOMEN MORE THAN MEN: women are more touched with words than men. But negative words do have more impact in their lives than positive one. Call a woman beautiful, and you’ll make her day. Call her ugly and you will spoil her year.

What women love can be very funny. Something like staring at stars,star counting, watching baby playing or listening to the rain and other cheesy stuffs seen only in movies.

44. WOMEN LOVE HUG WITH NO STRING ATTACHED: Hugging her without a reason is a very sweet thing for her, especially when you do it surprisingly. Those random hugs and kisses are the best.

45. EVERY WOMAN IS FEMALE(Feeling+Male= Female): Every woman is a female, male that come with bundles of feelings. Be very careful, the way you handle her, her judgment will be based on feeling most of the time not on logic, that is a woman.

46. EVERY WOMAN IS A MAN WITH A WOMB(Womb+Man=Woman): Every woman is a man with a womb. The womb came with a lot of hormones that make them very complex.

47. RAPING A WOMAN LEAVES A LIFE TIME SCAR IN HER: Raping a woman is beyond the Biological or criminal part of it. It is more emotional and psychological for the woman. It hurts her deeply for the rest of her life

48. WOMEN LOVE GIFTS: Women love special things especially when it’s given as a surprise. Do something special for her sometimes.

49. WOMEN LIKE MEN THAT ARE INTERESTED IN THEIR INTEREST: Try to be interested in her interests. Women would really appreciate a Man who makes an effort to blend-in with them.

50. WOMEN LOVE BEEN MADE TO LOOK EXCEPTIONAL: Making girls feel exceptional would make them feel good about themselves and will take away some of their insecurities as well.

51. THERE IS A GIRL IN EVERY WOMAN: Atimes, that big woman can still act, reason and behave like a girl; don’t allow this to hurt you always. Remember that there is a girl in every woman.

52. THERE IS A WIFE IN EVERY WOMAN: Every woman have a wife in her. She’s made to be a wife, She’s programmed  to be a wife. She’s wired to be a wife, you can only make her better.

53. WOMEN DON’T WANT OTHER WOMEN IN THE LIFE OF THEIR MEN: Women want to be the only one in the life of their husbands. Their daughter should not even get too close.

54. WOMEN HATE BEEN COMPARED WITH OTHER WOMEN: Never compare her with other women not even your own mom. She is who she is, and every girl is unique. Comparison is always a no, especially on a first date.

55.  IF YOU SHOW A WOMAN TRUE LOVE SHE CAN DO ANYTHING FOR YOU: When a woman gets genuine love from you, she can walk with you to any where barefooted. She is ready to do everything wherever she feels loved.

56. WOMEN FEEL GREAT WHEN YOU PRAISE THEIR COOKING: IF you tell her she is a great cook, it’s like you are praising and endorsing her Wifehood and glorifying her womanhood.

57. BEATING A WOMAN IS ONE OF THE GREATEST THING YOU CAN DO TO HURT HER: Beating a woman is a great crime against her womanhood. You must not do it.

58. WOMEN WANT THEIR MEN TO BE CREATIVE IN LOVE: while women will not tell you what to do to show them love. They expect you to be creative in showing them love always.

59. WOMEN WANT YOU TO LOVE THEM MORE THAN YOUR MOTHER: Yes, they want you to love them more than your mother. You may not like that but that is the truth of all women.

60. THEY WANT YOU TO LOVE THEM MORE THAN YOUR JOBS: They want to come first ahead of your jobs.

61. WOMEN LOVE MEN THAT ARE CONSIDERATE: They want to hear something like this, “Sweetheart you are too tired, you can’t cook tonight let’s get something at the eatery.

62. WOMEN WANT SEX TWO OR THREE TIMES A MONTH: Women are not like men who want sex two or three times a week. They want it two or three times a month.

63.  WOMEN ARE LOYAL LOVERS: Even in death, they are still there for their husbands. They visit the burial site to clear the place, take the Children there. They celebrate anniversary of death and most of the time refused to remarry.

64. WOMEN ARE WISER DOMESTICALLY: They always seem to know what to do if it has to do with their homes.

65. YOU CAN’T HIDE YOUR INCOME FROM A WOMAN,THEY HAVE WAYS OF KNOWING: You don’t need to hide your income from your wife, she has her way of knowing. Open Up!

66. WOMEN PERCEIVE IT WHEN YOU ARE CHEATING ON THEM: They may not have proof yet, you may deny it but she knows you are cheating and she will soon have her evidence except if she is not a woman.

67. WOMEN WANT YOU TO APPRECIATE THEIR BEAUTY, COOKING SKILLS, DRESSING AND MOTHERHOOD: Telling a woman you are strong, full of energy or you are wise may not really make her day. What she want is for you to praise her beauty, dressing, motherhood, her children and her beautiful house.

68. THERE IS MOTHERHOOD IN EVERY WOMAN: Motherhood is an inborn instinct in every woman. They are born with love, care, support and compassion in them.

69. SHE DOESN’T WANT HONEST ASSESSMENT OF HER DRESSING: When a woman is through with dressing and asks you how do I look, she is not looking for an honest assessment, she is looking for praise and appreciation. If she does not dress well, just tell her what to adjust. Don’t ever say your dressing is bad, it will hurt her deeply.

70. WHEN YOU HOLD A CHILD BY THE HAND YOU HOLD HER MOTHER BY THE HEART: Women have emotional attachment to their Children. If you treat their Children well, you score high mark in their hearts.

71. EVERY WOMAN LOVE TO BE TREATED AS A BABE: Stop calling her Madam. She wants to be a babe, she doesn’t like to grow old

72. WOMEN DO HAVE EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT WITH THIER HOUSE: If you praise a woman’s house she feels proud and fulfilled.

73. EVERY WOMAN FEAR LOSING HER BEAUTY: One reason women fear growing old is that they don’t want to lose their beauty.

74. WOMEN CAN NOT GROW BEYOND AGE 16 ROMANTICALLY: There is a 16 year old in every woman, that wants you to treat her like a baby girl. Send her poems, romantic texts etc.

75. SHE WANTS RELATIONSHIP MORE THAN MONEY: Most women value relationship more than money. So Guys, it is not about your money, it is about affection, attention and appreciation of her beauty.

76.  SHE CAN EASILY CRY: Women can easily cry. She can cry when she is happy, sad, fearful or at any given time. Just hold her and make her happy.

77.  SHE IS NOT MOVED BY WHAT SHE SEES: Seeing you naked may not move her to desire sex. She is not moved by what she sees.

78. WOMEN ARE MORE FAITHFUL LOVER THAN MEN: A woman is more likely to be faithful in a relationship than a man

79. SHE IS MOVED BY WORDS: Women are moved by what they hear.

80. SHE IS MOVED BY A GENTLE TOUCH: Women are also moved by romantic gentle touch.

81. APPRECIATION CAN EASILY GET TO HER: Appreciating a woman’s beauty, house, cooking, Children, voice and dressing can easily win her.

82.  EVERY WOMAN LIKE MORE SHOES AND BAGS: I have never met a woman who has too many bags, shoes and clothes that won’t want more. All women want more of these things.

83.  WOMEN ARE FASHION CONSCIOUS: Women are more fashion and dressing conscious than Men.

84. THEY ARE FULL OF COLORS: Women love colors and also know them. I never knew there are many shades of blue until I got married and I began to hear  turquoise blue, sky blue, navy blue etc.

85. THEY HAVE LESS BRUTE STRENGTH: Women are more fragile, they don’t have brute strength like men.

86. THEY HAVE INNER POWER: Women are stronger within, to the extent they can carry a whole baby inside for nine Months and still active cooking,boiling,traveling,attending to their Husbands and Children.

87.WOMEN  CAN MULTI TASK BETTER: They can do so many things at the same time. Cooking, plaiting hair for her eldest daughter, answering phone call, breast feeding the baby, preparing the house for the arrival of her husband etc.

88. DON’T MISTAKES WOMEN’S TEARS FOR WEAKNESS: That a woman cries those not mean she is weak, rather she is just releasing her emotion that will make her stronger.

89. WOMEN SPEAK MORE THAN MEN: The reason women are talkative – and speak up to 20,000 words a day is now known. They produce their first words and sentences earlier, have larger vocabularies and use a greater variety.
But now scientists have found the key to explaining why women are the more talkative sex.
A study just published suggests that higher levels of the protein are found in the female brain.

90. WOMEN ARE FOND OF FIGHTING EACH OTHER: Put two women together, you will see them fighting like cat and mouse. That is the reason most Mothers- In-law are on the throat of their Daughters-in-law.

91. WOMEN CAN BE PETTY: An average woman can be petty, fights about little thing, gets angry about nothing and that is a woman for you

92.  WOMEN SHOUT ON THEIR CHILDREN MORE THAN MEN: Children You will not kill me, I didn’t kill my mother, I didn’t kill my father, you pour water on the rug again’ yeee’, I will kill somebody in this house today. That is a Mother for you.

93.  NUMBER ONE NEED OF A WOMAN IS AFFECTION: Affection is the number one desire of a woman from her husband.

94.  NUMBER TWO NEED OF A WOMAN IS ATTENTION: Getting the attention of the man she married is the craving of all Wives.

95. NUMBER THREE NEED OF A WOMAN IS APPRECIATION: All women like to be appreciated for everything.

96. NUMBER FOUR NEED OF A WOMAN IS AFFIRMATION: Every woman needs affirmation of love from her husband. She wants to hear I love you more often

97. NUMBER FIVE NEED OF A WOMAN IS FAITHFULNESS: Every woman wants a faithful husband.

98.  NUMBER SIX NEED OF A WOMAN IS LOYALTY: Women want their husbands to be very loyal.

99. NUMBER SEVEN NEED OF A WOMAN IS SECURITY: Finding somebody to protect and secure is the dream of every woman

100. NUMBER EIGHT NEED OF A WOMAN IS MONOPOLY: Women love to be the only woman in the life of their husbands. Not even their daughters or the Mother of the man should come close.

101. NUMBER NINE NEED OF A WOMAN IS PLAYFULNESS: Every woman wants a playful husband. Somebody that will not make the house too hot for her, but playful and jovial.
102.  NUMBER TEN NEED OF A WOMAN IS SEXUAL FULFILLMENT: Women may not like sex like Men, but they still want to be sexually fulfilled! Getting what they desire in the bedroom.

When she is happy, she can’t stop talking,
when she is sad she may not say a word.

104. WOMEN ARE ALWAYS AFRAID OF HARM TO THEIR CHILDREN: Almost every woman is afraid of harm to their Children,they are always apprehensive of tragedy happening to their Children.
105. WOMEN HATES ANYTHING OR ANYBODY COMPETING THE LOVE OF THEIR HUSBANDS WITH THEM: Be it your Job,your Mum,your phone or even your daughter,your wife do not want anything to compete your love and attention with Her.

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