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11 Challenges Every Man Will Face In Marriage

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11 Challenges Every Man Will Face In Marriage

Bankole Abe

Men are configured uniquely.The way a man reason is not the same with a woman.What might pose a challenge to a woman might be fun to a man, but as unique as every gender is, there are challenges peculiar to each gender.We present a list of challenges that will confront any man in marriage.

1. Attending To Your Children’s Home Works
Attending To Your Children’s Home Works can pose a challenge to a man in marriage.After the day’s job, you are tired and probably worn out and needs rest. To avoid this challenge from becoming a big issue, you must plan them as part of your schedule daily

2. Parenting Teenage Children
This can also pose a challenge.Teenage children always want to be free.They like to exercise their perceived law of freedom to do whatever they desire but men naturally want to be in charge and here comes the friction, two masters can not stay in the same Boat.To solve this, be the focus, stand your feet on the ground and show understanding.
3. Balancing Work And Marriage:
One of the major challenges is how to balance their life between work, fun, and family, most men never put into consideration this aspect as they get married, you need to learn about work-life balance, get good materials on this and live a balanced life avoiding marriage destruction.

4. Joint Finacial Management
Financial management is a big issue to any man in marriage and it can destroy a marriage if not well handled. As a Man you are already used to managing your finance alone but now that you are married you are expected to share details of your finance with your wife always and both of you are expected to manage your finance together.

5. Extra Financial Burden
This is similar to financial management but differs in the sense that this one has to do with the extra money you have to spend and the additional bills you have to pay because your family has increased the very day you get married.It simply means you need to spend more and this always come with so many challenges that need patience and hard work to resolve. You might have knowledge of Corporate Finance but hardly will you see any man who has done a thorough study about family or Couple

6, Handling In-Laws
As a man, if your In-laws are not well handled it can spring up serious issues. A man is used to dealing with his Parents and siblings but after getting married you have to learn to deal with other set of people that you ca not avoid, your In-Laws.They will come with all sort of demands and challenges.To overcome any challenge this might pose, you must come to the reality that they are have become part and parcel of you and must be handled as such.

7. Adjusting To A New Lifestyle
Once a man gets married, the lifestyle immediately changes.Most things you used to do freely before can no more be easily done. Even before you can go and watch a football match, you will need to at least inform your wife and her approval is required. Inability to do those things you used to do before always poses a big challenge to a man in marriage but if you realize the fact that you are no more a Bachelor, it will help you overcome this.

8.Managing Irritations
So many things will tend to irritate you in marriage. Things like
your wife’s attitude, her mannerism, hobby, a way of life, habits, dressing, character etc may irritate you in marriage but patience, love, and understanding can give you easy access to success.

9.Pregnancy and Baby Mid-Night Cries
When your wife becomes pregnant, it is another phase of marriage.She might not be able to do some things she uses to do, she might even change in total outlook. If not well handled, It might pose a problem because you as a man is new to this experience. When she eventually gives birth, another phase entirely. The Baby’s cries at night can be frustrating even some Babies can be funny waking up more than four times before morning and as a man, you have work to do in the office the next morning. You must prepare very well for this before your wedding and exercise maximum patience

Challenges that awaits every man in marriage are not limited to the few ones mentioned above but the few listed are unavoidable but surmountable if the necessary precautions are taken

10.Taking orders
Men are more comfortable giving orders. It is challenging when a man needs to take orders from a woman.A man’s ego will always show up and resist orders expect with monetary gain but when it is coming from a woman (wife) it is difficult to handle especially for a proud man. Orders like: “Don’t sit down on that Chair, I just cleaned it”
“It’s weekend, You can’t go out today, we are staying at home together”
“You must follow me to Church tomorrow”

The solution is for you to get used to it and apply maturity in your response or action.

11. Church/ Religious Issues
The issue of which church to attend? where to sit in church, what time to go to church?, how many times to go to church in a week can pose a big problem to a man. A woman wants her Man to go to church early, as often as possible and to sit in the front.A man not used to all these might find it difficult to cope thereby creating unnecessary tensions.
Way out, discuss and sort it out amicably before you get married.Let her know your stance and prepare to be flexible,you can’t win always

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