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11 Creative Ways to Make Sex with your Spouse

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11 Creative Ways to Make Sex with your Partner 

11 Creative Ways to Make Sex with your Partner-dailyfamily.ng

11 Creative Ways to Make Sex with your Partner

One of the ways you can win the attention of your husband is to learn to have sex regularly with him, it is God that put this desire in him and it is your responsibility as a wife to make him fulfill his ministry. So go ahead, you have the power to make your bedroom creative by noting the following:

  1. Your mind matters. The greatest sex organ in your body is your mind, not the one under the skirt, so remove errors from your mind, go ahead turn your marriage around.
  2. You are not permitted to hate sex. As a married woman, it is unholy and unrighteousness to hate having sex with your husband, it will be a disservice to your marriage. He may not tell you, one of the reasons your husband married is because of S-E-X that is the truth, you are not permitted to fail.
  3. You said, “I do”, you must do. On the day of your marriage, they asked you and you said “I do” so go ahead fulfill your promise ‘DO”
  4. God sanctioned sex in marriage (Proverbs 5:15-19, 1 Corinthians 7:1-5). God created sex in marriage if you deny your husband; you will be outside the will of God, go ahead make God happy. Satisfy your own husband.
  5. Know what he wants. Ask him what he wants, go ahead do it. It is not an unrighteous craving.
  6. Improve yourself. Get books, read them and improve, don’t give 17th century sex in 21stcentury, you can’t give an analyze sex to a digital husband, improve.
  7. Be creative. Do new things that will make your marriage better.
  8. Talk about it. Discuss with your husband about it. Don’t keep quick talk to him, know what he wants.
  10. Fulfill your ministry. Good sex life is your ministry to your husband, fulfill it.
  11. Make him happy. There is nothing as invigorating and stimulating to a man as having sex with his wife, when the woman is willing and exciting.

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