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11 fact to know about Bishop Francis Wale Oke

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11 fact to know about Bishop Francis Wale Oke

September 8, marks the birthday celebration of one of Africa’s and especially Nigerian great Evangelist, Bishop Wale Oke who read through the calendar on Friday 2017, turning 61.

Bishop Oke has touched quite some numbers of life with his ministry and has been instrumental in leading many to Christ through spoken words of salvation and likewise raising vessels (clergymen) serving in different capacity in churches today.

But then, here are some 11 amazing facts to know about Bishop Francis Wale Oke


  1. Bishop Wale Oke founded Precious Cornerstone University


  1. On the same day, Rev. Victoria Olatokunbo Oke and Bishop Oke sowed (gave) out two prized gift for the work of God

Rev Victoria Oke gave her family‘s land and Bishop Oke gave his Mercedes Benz car.

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  1. Bishop Oke has talked about the 100 million Souls to heaven, a mandate given to him by God


  1. Bishop Oke founded the Dorcas Oke Hope Alive Initiative (An initiative he founded in memory of his late daughter Dorcas Oke)


  1. Bishop Wale Oke loves to do prayer walk


  1. He was born in Born in 1956 in Kasumu village


  1. He spent his first 11 years in Kasumu village


  1. Bishop Wale is very close to the following clergymen Bishop David Oyedepo Pastor E. A. Adeboye, Pastor Kumuyi, Bishop Benson Idahosa.


  1. Pastor Enoch Adeboye, lectured Bishop Wale Oke in Mathematics in the year 1977


  1. Bishop Wale Oke anointed Former President Olusegun Obasanjo as the next civilian president of Nigeria.


  1. His only daughter, Dorcas Oke passed on in 2001 after taking adultrated drug.


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