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11 Foods To Make You Sleep Better

by Family Center

11 Foods To Make You Sleep Better
1. Coffee or Tea
You will realize that taking coffee or tea during the day can make you have better and more alertness to work. When you then take coffee at night before sleeping, then you will harm yourself as it makes you just stay awake as a result of the caffeine in it. Reduce coffee taking just close to your sleeping time.

2. Cherries
Drink a glass of cherry juice before going to bed can make you fall asleep faster. According to some research, it has been gathered that, just when you take Cherry, the release of melatonin will be released to your body.

3. Jasmine Rice
This has been researched by the American journal of Clinical Nutrition that eating Jasmine rice can help you to sleep easier.

This rice has a high glycemic index which sees a gradual release of blood stream as well as boosting the production of tryptophan and serotonium in the blood which encourages sleep.

4. Kale
This is just a green leafy vegetable that has calcium, which makes the brain use melatonin and therefore can make you sleep well.

5. Banana
It has a high density of potassium and a great source of Vitamin B6. It is also needed in producing melatonin according to the Annals of the New York Academy of Science.

6. Milk
When milk is taken, then it makes you sleep well. It has been observed that when children take a lot of milk, then they can have a good night rest. The milk is said to contain tryptophan and calcium which regulates melatonin in the body.

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When warm milk is then taken, it will further make the body temperature to rise which will make it easier you to fall asleep easily.

7. Lettuce
Lettuce is one that can promote sleep. When you get to take lettuce regularly, then you will have sedative properties that makes the brain calmer and sleepy.

8. Whole wheat bread
When whole wheat bread is taken, then the carbohydrate in just a slice of bread can raise the brain levels of tryptophan which can make you sleepy.

So take bread today to make you sleep. Although white bread can also do some tricks, but whole wheat makes it faster.

9. Almonds
When the body’s magnesium levels are low, then it will make it harder for you to stay asleep. So Almonds are high in Magnesuim and these are great foods that makes you sleep well.

10. Turkey
They are very for sleep. When you take a turkey, then the release of tryptophan will be released to the body which makes it easier to promote a better night rest then encourage a good afternoon nap.

11. Tuna Fish
The Tuna fish contains some sleep inducting elements. The fish is known to have a lot of Vitamin B6 which also gives the body melatonin and serotonin.

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