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11 Foods That Worsen Your Health

by Family Center

11 Foods That Worsen Your Health
It is no secret to anyone that beauty comes from the inside out. Cosmetics are excellent allies of beauty, but when associated with good nutrition, the results are potentiated and far more lasting.

You probably already have listened to “you are what you eat”, and it really is true. Healthy eating is the key to maintaining good health, skin and healthy hair. We list below the 10 worst health foods to keep you on the alert.

1. Refrigerant
This is not new, has no benefit. Your excess calories obviously make you fat, raise the risk of heart attacks, increase the risk of developing triglycerides, especially women, not to mention that this fat in the blood is bad for the liver, contributing to the risk of type 2 diabetes and strokes. Another malady is the development of osteoporosis because of phosphoric acid present.

2. Cookie and Donuts
They are made in the same way, fried pasta, stuffed with chocolate, sweet milk and the like and if that is not enough, at the end you still throw sugar on top, or granulate. Anyway, excess fat and sugar everywhere. Their presence on the list of the worst foods for health is justified.

3. Hot Dog
Who does not like that, right? Every problem here is related to sausage which is a built-in food. Embedded foods usually have twice as much saturated fat as natural meat.

4. The saturated fat is bad for your health.
Therefore, it accelerates the formation of fat, causing blockage of the veins, increase of cholesterol, obesity, heart problems, among other damages. In addition the sausage has some substance called nitrites and nitrates used for its conservation and that are carcinogenic.

5. Diet soda

Soft drinks top the list of the worst foods. The diet soda has zero calories, but it also has zero nutrients. Studies done with people who drank diet soda every day indicated that they were 43% more likely to have a stroke and heart attack, as well as the risk of type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

6. Bacon
Bacon has the same problem with sausage. Being a processed food, it has saturated fats, raising the risks of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. The substances used to preserve bacon also increase the risk of cancer.

7. Potato salad
Potato chips are rich in sodium, fats, and chemicals that are used when industrializing them. It also has saturated fats that we have already seen that are harmful. Excess sodium increases blood pressure, retains fluids, and causes kidney and heart failure.

8. Fried potato
Unfortunately she is also on the list of the worst foods. The problem of the chips the name already says. She’s fried. Like salty foods, you have too much sodium, saturated fats, and carbohydrates. They make their frozen potatoes and their fries at home. In addition to getting fat, they cause heart problems, cholesterol, stroke, fluid retention, respiratory problems and other maladies.

9. frozen pizza
The freezing accentuates the salt contained in the pizza, already starting badly. Frozen pizza has excess sodium and a piece of frozen pizza (100 g) equals approximately 681 milligrams of sodium, two portions are enough to exceed the allowable sodium intake. It is healthier to eat homemade pizza on the spot.

10. Corn Snacks
Corn chips have the same problems as potatoes. It is rich in sodium and contains a number of chemicals. When ingested in excess, so, like other foods, kidney problems and high blood pressure begin to emerge, in addition to being able to cause allergies to certain people by the use of chemicals.

11. Ice cream

Unfortunately it is also part of this terrible, but important, list of worst foods for health. All the sugar contained in ice cream is quickly absorbed by the body into fat. Massive ice cream also has high amounts of trans fats that raise cholesterol levels, raising the risk of stroke.

Well, am sure that you will try all you can to have a good health and stay away from bad foods.

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