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11 Health benefits of cashew nuts

by Adenike Akindude
60-Year-Old Man Kills Son Over Cashew

11 Health benefits of cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are highly nutritious and very essential in the family diet as it can be consumed by all.

The health benefits that can be derived from the kidney-shaped nuts are many. Here 11 most important health benefits of cashew nuts:


1. Cashew nuts improve heart health
The nuts contain fatty acids that lower harmful cholesterol-LDL and increases healthy cholesterol –HDL in the blood. Cashew nuts are different from other nuts as it contains low fat that is heart-friendly.

Cashew nuts are different from other nuts as it contains low fat that is heart-friendly.


2. It prevents deficiency diseases
Cashew nuts contain essential minerals that prevent a deficiency disease, that is, a disease that is caused by a dietary deficiency of specific nutrients, especially a vitamin or mineral.

These minerals are Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Potassium, Copper and Magnesium.

3. Protects the Retina from Macular Degeneration.
The macula is the part of the retina responsible for central vision.

When it gets damaged it can lead to blindness. Eating cashew nuts can help protect the eyes by helping it filter the Sun’s Ultra Violet (UV) rays and thus prevent Macular Degeneration or ARMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration).

4. Aids weight loss.
Unlike the general belief that cashew nuts contain fat, it actually helps one to lose weight because it contains good cholesterol that the body needs.


5. It helps to prevent gallstones.
Gallstones are hardened deposits of digestive fluid that can form in the gallbladder. Eating cashew nuts daily can help in minimising the risk of developing gallstones by at least 25%.


6. Cashew nut makes gums and teeth strong.
Cashew nuts contain magnesium that helps with firm gums and strong teeth.

7. It helps build strong bones.
The magnesium that cashew nuts also contain helps build strong bones in the body

8. Aids sound sleep.
For women that have reached the stage of menopause, eating cashew nuts will aid them to get sound sleep at night.


9. Helps the nerves to be healthy.
Magnesium in the cashew nut helps to prevent calcium from permeating the nerve cells. Eating cashew nuts helps ensures that magnesium is sufficient in the body.

Insufficient magnesium causes calcium to get into the blood vessels which will lead to a headache, migraine and high blood pressure.

10. It lowers high blood pressure.
Cashew nuts contain magnesium which helps to lower the body’s blood pressure.

11. Prevents cancer.
One of the major health benefits of cashew nuts is that it contains proanthocyanidins and high copper content which fights against cancerous cells.

Eating cashew nuts can also help to protect one from colon cancer.

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