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11 Interesting Ways to be Romantic with Your Husband

by Daily Family
11 Interesting Ways to be Romantic with Your Husband

11 Interesting Ways to be Romantic with Your Husband

By Babalola Seyi

Women can be vocal about their romantic fantasies while men seem to not be as vocal. But is that true? Or are we simply drawing conclusions from what we have been seeing in movies and reading in books for generations?

Men may not be as vocal as women, but they are definitely not averse to romance.

So, how do you romance your husband? We give you not one but 10 ways to be romantic with your husband.

  1. Invite him for a date

Instead of waiting for him to take you out, you do the honor this time. Book a couple of tables at his favorite restaurant or a new place that he might like. For extra romance, get ready separately and meet at the venue, as you did when your relationship started.

  1. Tell him what you love about him

Hearing what you love about him is affirming for your husband. Take a moment every day to compliment him. Do you love the way he always makes you laugh? Do you admire how driven he is in his career? Does he make the best food you’ve ever tasted? Tell him! Make regular, genuine, compliments part of your day.

  1. Call to Appreciate all times

Call your spouse/partner just to tell them one thing you appreciate about them. Don’t forget to always make this a routine every day, it’s very important.

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  1. Be generous with those good words

Appreciate him in front of his colleagues, friends, and children. But it doesn’t mean you have to keep singing praises every time and everywhere.

  1. Emulate touchy-feely

No, we don’t mean sex (though that’s fun too). Make touch a regular part of your life together. Hold his hand when you walk down the street or give him a shoulder or foot rub when you’re relaxing on the couch together. Just tucking your arm around him or giving him a hug or a kiss on the cheek connects you both and promotes intimacy.

  1. Always appreciate his Looks

You should always ensure you tell him he looks extra handsome this goes a long mile to make your husband feel on top of the world and he will always be loyal to you truthfully.

  1. Do something new

Write him a note designed to put a smile on his face. Whether it’s sweet or saucy, x-rated or funny, write something you know he’ll love. Slip it into his briefcase or lunch bag, or tuck it inside the book he’s reading. It’s an easy, sweet surprise that will make him feel appreciated and romanced.

  1. Wear something he likes

Now it’s not the 1950s and we’re not suggesting you start dressing just for your man. There’s something to be said for wearing something you know he loves, though. He’ll love what he sees, and he’ll appreciate that you took the trouble to wear it for him. So next time he mentions he loves the way you look in that dress, or that you look so cute in that button-down shirt, takes note and wears it the next time you do something together.

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  1. Kiss him randomly

Yes, you do not need a reason or time to kiss your husband. Kiss him when you feel like – when you are leaving for work when he is reading the morning newspaper when he is busy doing a chore at home or taking out his car – in short just about any time of the day and night.

  1. Tune in to romance

Play the songs that were your songs when you started dating. You can take your husband back in time and relive those moments and ensure you also dance together to make the feelings mutual.

  1. Talk about your past and future

Reminiscing about your past will rekindle the attraction that you had for each other. Tell him why you chose to marry him and why you fell in love with him. Talk about your plans for the future, and how you intend to spend your days with him when you get older. This will increase the warmth between you.


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