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11 Items You Must Have In Your Car Before You Drive On The Highway

by Oba Samuel

11 Items You Must Have In Your Car Before You Drive On The Highway

Driving on the highway require cautiousness and carefulness than when driving within the street roads.Obeying all road signs is a must and you must be safety conscious.For your safety and smooth ride, ensure you have the following in your car before you hit the road: 11 Items You Must Have In Your Car Before You Drive On The Highway

1.Warning triangle (c-caution): Several lives and valuable cars have been lost due to lack of a C-caution at the back of many cars that broke down on the highways.

According to autoxpattvpro.com,  A C-Caution is a triangular red frame, made of reflective material, carried by motorists to be set up on the road as a danger signal in case of a breakdown or other hazard. The C-Caution is a passive reflector that is made of a plastic reflective material.

When a car driver ran into a sudden failure and shut down for maintenance, or happened accidents, using the reflective properties of warning triangle(C-Caution) can remind other vehicles changing lanes in order to avoid secondary accidents.


  1. Fire extinguisher:

    In the event of fire outbreak in the car, a fire extinguisher is potent enough to put out the fire thereby prevent the vehicle from being burnt.Many have lost expensive cars because they don’t have a fire extinguisher in their car when the fire broke out

  2. Jack:

    Nothing is as good as a smooth ride, driving unhindered.Driving can become a punishment if the car has a flat tyre and you don’t have a jack.That is why the jack is inevitable in a car.Even if you have a spare tyre, you will need a jack to lift the car for a possible replacement.

  3. Spare tyre:

    No matter how new your vehicle tyres are, don’t ever travel without a spare tyre.Any sharp object on the highway can deflate any of your tyres.So, having a spare tyre and a jack will facilitate the removal and replacement of the affected tyre.

  4. First Aid kit:

    Nobody prays for an accident but it happens.That is why a first-aid kit is required in every car in case of an injury, the affected parts can be giving the first-aid treatment before moving to a nearby hospital for better treatment.

  5. Wheel spanner:

    Wheel spanner must always be with you in the car.This is so because of its importance.Jack and spare tyre become useless without the wheel. Spanner .Though it’s a small instrument but it performs very big roles in keeping the car going.

  6. Water:

    Always have water in a container with you in the car.If the car engine develops over –heating fault, the water you have with you may be use to refill the radiator once the radiator is cool.

  7. Hydraulic:

    According to Wikipedia, Car hydraulics are installed into an automobile that allows for an adjustment in height of the vehicle. These suspensions are placed often in a lowrider, a vehicle modified so that its ground clearance is less than its original design, to give extra leverage when encountering harsh road conditions. These modifications done to the automobile can enable the body and wheels of the car to be electronically lifted off the ground while being controlled by remote

  8. Transmission fluid:

    Automatic Transmission Fluid is used for cars with automatic transmissions such as gear, and brake.If your car run out of a break fluid, it is dangerous and if it runs out of gear fluid, the journey stops no matter how important the journey may be.11 Items You Must Have In Your Car Before You Drive On The Highway

  9. Torchlight:

    The torch in a car may not be valued until you are faced with a flat tyre of car break down in a lonely path at night. Torchlight is very important, ensure it is well kept in your car.11 Items You Must Have In Your Car Before You Drive On The Highway

  10. Spare fan belt:

    The usefulness of fan belt to a car can not be over-emphasized as it is used to drive the car engine, power steering pump, alternator, water pump, air pump and air conditioning compressor. A spare fan belt is highly needed in the vehicle as you travelled because it can break into two without notice and this may get you stranded especially if you are very far from where you can reach an automobile personnel.

To avoid any delay or hindrance in your journeys, ensure you get all the above in your car before you embark on that journey. I wish you a safe trip. 11 Items You Must Have In Your Car Before You Drive On The Highway

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