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11 Things A Child loves Naturally that Parents must not give

by Abbey Lily
11 Things a child loves naturally that parents must not give.dailyfamily.ng

The temptation to dance to the tune of your children even when their demand is not good at times can be overwhelming but as a loving parent, you must know where to draw the boundary when they are asking for things that could eventually harm them.

11 Things a child loves naturally that parents must not give.dailyfamily.ng

11 Things a child loves naturally that parents must not give

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Below are some things children love naturally but you must not give them:

1. Watching the Television: it is not a new thing to most parent for their children to always want to be by the television. But just like the popular saying, too much of everything is bad. Therefore, Knowing what a child must see on the television set and when to see them is very crucial here. As a parent, you must be in charge of what your children see on the television set.

2. Eating: it is a serious task for some children to eat every time. But as a parent you need to control how they eat and what they eat. Don’t give them everything they ask. In essence, junks are not good for them.

3. Sleeping: it is a natural tendency for most children to sleep every time especially when they are supposed to be up and get prepared for school. It is your duty as a parent to correct them and stand by your words whenever you know they are meant to be awake.

4. Playing computer games: computer games are enemies even to the proper development of your children especially when they make it a habit. It is adding nothing to them, so don’t allow them to spend productive time playing games

5. Gist: some children are good in the act of gisting that it makes one wonders where they must have learned that from. They sometimes even contribute when their parents are discussing with people when they are not meant to. Work on this as a parent and make sure they don’t form the habit of gist.

6. Watching Cartoons: there are a lot of cartoon networks now and all they want to do is to move from one station to the other but you must not allow this in your home. It has been said that cartoon adds nothing to a child but parents should rather allow them to read educative books

7. Playing: it is true that all work and no play makes children dull but when they devote the best part of their lives to playing, it is bad. Some even get injured while playing, leaving their parents to start nursing the wound if it is mild and will not warrant going to the hospital

8. Beating Elders: it is in the habit of most children to beat elders because they actually beat their parents without the parents doing anything about it. This is bad and you must not indulge them whenever they beat you, correct them appropriately

9. Playing with sand: children love playing with sand but this is not good for them because most times they put it in their mouth and this can cause health issues.

10: Buying: they love buying even if you just bought something for them now, before you move to another place, they see something and they want it, they expect you to buy it too. Never indulge them because you don’t want them to cry. It is not everything you must buy for them

11. Biting: never in whatever circumstance allow your children to bite. Fine, it is their habit but as the parent, work at stopping this negative habit.

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