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11 Things you must know before graduating from the University

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11 Things you must know before graduating from the University

Adenike Akindude

As an Undergraduate, there are certain things you must know before you leave the University. Knowing these things will assist you in facing the future and you will be able to apply those things to your everyday life in future.

Here are 11 things you must know before you graduate from the University.

1. You must know that the world is waiting for you

Most students, when they are in school seem to forget about life outside the school wall but focus on the enjoyment and freedom they have in school. Don’t do this, always have at the back of your mind that somebody out there is waiting for you, either to employ you or vice-versa. This will help you to remain focused on achieving success in your academics.

2. Define who you are

You must have a definition of yourself; you must know what you stand for and what you don’t. don’t allow people to define you and give your life the wrong direction. Sit down and create a good view about your life. Ask yourself this question, who am I? Don’t relent until you have a definite response.

3. Know the area of your Specialization

Even in your preferred course of study or profession, there are special areas that you are your best at. For example, when you are studying Mass Communication, it is very wide but you can choose whether you want to practice in the Print or Electronic media. Doing this will help you avoid being the jack of all trade and master of none.

4. Find out your Purpose

One important thing you must know before graduating is your purpose; we see people around these days that don’t eventually practice what they studied in school but later realized they are called into something else. What you studied in school is not all that matters but the impact you have in the world. If you find out your purpose before leaving school, it helps you not to delay much after graduation.

5. Create contacts

While still in school, find people of like passions; those that are also interested in what you are going into or area of specialty. These people may be your course mates, school mates, Lecturers or anyone you come across with when you are still in school.

6. Build up yourself

Do a lot of things that can build you up to face the world out there after graduation, read books, visit some important places, attend seminars and training, involve yourself in Sporting activities and so many other things you can do.

7. Start saving

Develop the habit of saving money while you are in school no matter how little, try not to eat up all you are given. When you do this, you prepare for days after school when you don’t really have any other means of income.

8. Learn other things

In the world of today, you can’t depend on one means of income alone. You have to learn something new or extra so that you can other means of income. When you do this while in school, it keeps you busy before you get a job after Graduation. Entrepreneurship is the next face of the growth of the economy.

9. Start your own business

Whatever you have learnt while in school or any business you want to go into, the best place to start is your university environment. You can look around to see things that are the needs of others in school that you can meet. Before long you would have become a master at what you do and money will be flowing in little by little.

10. Have a short term goal

You need to sit down and think of what you wish to achieve in a particular period of time either before you leave school or after school. Short term may be between 1 to 5 years. For you achieve this goal, you must develop a plan that will be the direction for you to follow.

11. Develop a Long term goal

Apart from your short term goal that is for the nearest future you need to develop goals that you want to achieve in your life. For example, these goals may take 10 years, 20 years or more to achieve. Doing this gives your life a focus.

The best time to begin planning your life is to start now when you are young.

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