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11 Things Pregnant women should do with their husbands

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11 Things Pregnant women should do with their husbands

Adenike Akindude

Pregnancy causes a lot of changes not only to the body of a woman but the husband’s life and the home in general. This state comes with a lot of fun and also challenges. For every woman to enjoy the period of 9 months in pregnancy, here are 11 things she can do with her husband.

1. Pray together
Every family that prays together stick together, this is why both intending mother and father have to pray together committing the baby and their home into God’s hands.

2. Spend Quality time together
Pregnant women can become very lonely if they are mostly left to themselves. To get rid of the boredom. The expectant father and mother should spend some time together to enjoy themselves as the opportunity to do so may not come once the baby arrives.

3. Have sex
If there are no complications for the woman during the period of pregnancy, it is important for the couple to get intimate frequently.

4. Baby shop together
It is fun when expectant parents go out together to buy what they need after the delivery of the baby and also what the child will need while growing up.

5. Laugh together
Choosing the sex of the baby before the arrival can be fun, create some jokes around this as you both discuss the sex of your child.

6. Let your husband assist you
During Pregnancy, women should allow their husbands assist them with some of the tasks they are used to doing before. This will help to reduce some stress the woman is going through.

7. Exercise together
Women are advised to do some exercise during pregnancy, it will be interesting if the husband can also join in the exercise.

8. Choose names together
After knowing the sex of the baby you are expecting, you can take some time out to look for beautiful names that you and your husband will agree on for your baby.

9. Go for antenatal care together

When you are visiting the clinic, you can invite your husband along once in a while. It gives a sense of belonging that you are not alone in the state.

10. Let your husband do the massage

Pregnant women need a massage to take care of some stress in their body. Allow your husband to be the therapist that will massage your body.

11. Eat out together

One of the things having a newborn can deprive you is your dinner dates with your husband. You can enjoy this while the baby is still in the womb. Go out together, eat and have fun and discussions.

12. Take pictures

Pregnancy period won’t last forever so it is important to take pictures together as expectant parents to keep the memory of that period.

13. Watch your baby grow together

It is good to monitor the size of your baby as he or she is growing in the womb. You can do this every week until the time for delivery comes.

Every couple must know that pregnancy period is not to be endured alone but can be enjoyed if they choose to do so

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