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11 Things That Determine Your Behaviours In Marriage

by Oba Samuel
11 Things That Determine Your Behaviours In Marriage

11 Things That Determine Your Behaviours In Marriage

    “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise, but a companion of fools shall be destroyed”.(Proverbs 13:20).There are 11 things that determine how a wife or husband will behave in marriage. These factors are otherwise known as character agents. Character agents are responsible for the stepwise progression of a thought into a belief system, then a set of values, behaviour, habits, character and eventually our reputations. Therefore, good characters must be worked at, while bad characters are painstakingly dropped as we come in contact with these character agents.

11 Things That Determines Your Behaviours In Marriage

  1. Where we reside plays a major role in character development. The difference is obvious when you see a child trained in the ghetto and one from a highbrow area.
  2. Academics background covers the schools we attend and the courses we study.
  3. Attending the same school notwithstanding, two individuals can have several pieces of training, workshop, seminars in additions to knowledge gotten from school definitely be different in character from somebody who stopped learning after school.
  4. Our tailor-made experiences, events and encounters can also mould our character.
  5. Choice of religion and the commitment to that religion is a big factor in our character development.
  6. There is an increased probability that you will emulate a good chunk of your friends for good or bad. That is why the Bible warns us not to make friends with angry men, lest we pick their bad behaviours.
  7. Books can either inform or deform us. The kind of books and magazines we are exposed to has the potential to form our characters.
  8. Radio/television. Like books and magazines, the radio and television also affect our character. The television, however, is more powerful because it combines the two senses of sight and hearing, making it easy to drive its message straight to the hearts of men.
  9. Corruptive music may lead to bad behaviour while moral music will lead to good behaviours.
  10. The unhindered access to various kinds of information on the internet actually has its disadvantages, if you don’t filter information, you may end up with more than you bargained.
  11. What we eat or drink. Exposure to alcohol or drugs has a lasting impact on our attitude to life and people.
  12. Family set up. The beliefs system, values and traditions of our root families play an important role in moulding our character. Other character agents are the kinds of jobs we do, parental influence, past failures and successes, emotional make-up, vision, ambition, etc. To develop new characters, you need to mind your character agents and work to be in the right place.

11 Things That Determine Your Behaviours In Marriage

-Culled from: Your Character is your marriage, by Bisi Adewale

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