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11 Truths about Sex by Pastor Khathide (Ugandan)

by Adenike Akindude
This is Pastor-Khathide from Uganda

There have been a lot of misconceptions about sex and it has been affecting marriages. This has greatly lead to divorce and a lot of issues that are unresolved in marriages.

Pastor Khathide has exposed these truths that will enlighten couples more about sex.


  1. God created Sex: every couple must know that sex is not evil because it was created by God. It is written in the bible that God created sex for procreation and pleasure between couples.


  1. Old age does not hinder sex: Pastor Khathide, in his write-up, has revealed that sex should not be hindered by age. That is, couples while they grow older should not deny each other sex because of age.


  1. Sex is holy in Marriage: sex is holy in marriage as that is the only right place for it. It is only before or outside marriage that sex becomes unholy.


  1. The Bible teaches about sex: the bible is very clear about sex, it is written in the bible that couples even after fasting should come together again so as not to allow each other to be tempted. Another verse says two are able to give each other ‘heat’.


  1. Sex in marriage can be done in any style: the pastor also noted in his write-up that there is no particular style that has been stipulated for sex in marriage. Couples are free to enjoy each other in which ever style they prefer.

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  1. Sexual starvation can lead to divorce: one of the leading causes of divorce around lately is sexual starvation and dissatisfaction. Couples that deny each other sex are opening the door for separation that will lead to divorce.


  1. Sex should be regular in marriage: in marriage, sex should be a regular affair. Sex is not meant to be a monthly or weekly routine that should be observed.



  1. Spouses should be free with their bodies: Pastor Khathide advised that both husband and wife should enjoy each other’s body as that is how it was meant to be.


  1. Couples can have sex at any time of the day: according to him, couples can have sex at any time of the day according to their choice and not at night alone.


  1. Spouses are to satisfy each other: no partner should complain that another is not satisfying him or her. It is the duty of the both of them to satisfy each other in bed.

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  1. If there are no health challenges, sex becomes more enjoyable as you grow older

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