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11 unromantic signs that he’s madly in love with you

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11 unromantic signs that he’s madly in love with you
Well, roses or champagne are not the only reasons for romantic affections. We also have some unromantic affections that also means a lot to ladies or the woman we want to be with.

1. He makes things fun

Anyone can make the romance flow on a date with a helicopter ride to a mountain where there is a candlelight dinner waiting. But to really love is to make a trip to the supermarket as much as special and extravagant.

2. He stays with the sick

There is nothing more tender than being willing to take care of a sick spouse, especially when things get complicated. If he does that for you, then you have him.

3. There is never an awkward silence

It’s so romantic to have someone you can talk to all night long and lose track of time in a conversation that flows perfectly. However, sometimes we forget the pleasure of being with someone with whom we do not have to fill a silent void. When it is love, there is silence, but never an awkward silence.

4. He sees the weaknesses you have

It may seem romantic for your partner to wear glasses with colored lenses that blind him to his imperfections. But choosing to be with you despite your weaknesses, because he believes you are worth it.

5. He loves you when it’s hard
When you are awful, when you are not being kind to him or to anyone, he sees your failure as one more reason to give you love. He puts his arms around you to support you both physically and emotionally. He loves you when you need him, not when it’s easy.

6. He is so free with you
There is nothing as good as expressing more love than being so free that you have no reservations in letting him see the exposed or crude version of itself.

7. He tells you when he is angry
We love to imagine love as a world of bright sunshine and daisies, and never have to apologize. No matter what they say, this definition of love is impractical. To love is not to hide the negative emotions to preserve a life of fairy tales. The synthesis of love is the freedom to tell someone how you feel because you trust your partner with their obscure parts, and you believe it’s worth building a healthy relationship.

8. He cleans the bathroom and home
Cleaning the bathroom is not a box of chocolates or a bouquet of red roses, but love has to do with real, everyday things like these “complex” tasks.

9. He says things in your face

If you really love her, he is willing to give you honest but unobtrusive criticism, instead of saying that you are wonderful all the time.

10. It allows you to do what you like

The need to always be with each other is a distorted version of the novel. Your man shows that you love her by encouraging her to be yourself.

11. He values your opinion
Even if you do not love the same things or do not think about certain things in the same way, he believes your feelings are valid. He may even choose to do something to you that he does not like just to make her happy.

Well, it is not always easy to come across a man like thos, but when you do, just make sure you give him all the attention he deserves, because he loves you.

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