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9 Weird Signs that Show You are not Really Ready for Marriage

by Abbey Lily

9 Weird Signs that Show You are not Really Ready for Marriage

5 Indispensable Things Couples Must Share In Marriage

Marriage is not for children but for the matured minds. A lot of youths are still single today because of some things in them they are not ready to let go and is keeping promising people away from them.

  1. Unforgiveness: if you are a person that hardly forgives whenever people offend you and you even take it into a relationship, there is no way you will see somebody to marry you. Forgiveness is key to human existence.


  1. Selfishness: a selfish person will hardly get someone to marry him/her. You just understand that marriage is a give and take thing, and at times, it takes you to give and continue to give without even expecting anything in return.


  1. You are not ready to be committed: marriage requires commitment from the people involved. If you are not ready to stay committed to marriage, you will remain single for life. Everybody wants someone they can trust to be fully committed to them


  1. You are still going about with past luggage: if someone disappointed you in the past, that does not mean the next person will or all men/women are the same. Leave the past hurt and move on with your life. Let the past remain where it belongs


  1. You love keeping secret: marriage is not for you if you love keeping secret. Marriage is a place of nakedness without shame. You just be ready to open up in marriage.


  1. Lack of purpose: if you don’t know your purpose in life then marriage is not for you yet. Figure out the ‘why’ of your existence before you think of marriage.


  1. Lack of trust: trust is very important in any human relation. If you always find it difficult to trust, then still remain as you are.


  1. Not ready to leave your Parent: if as a man you are finding it difficult to leave your parent, marriage is not for you. You must be ready to leave and cleave to a man.


  1. You don’t respect anybody: respect, they say, is reciprocal but if you find it difficult to respect people and you are proud, you will become an abuser in marriage. So, marriage is not for you.


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