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Mother mistakenly fed only son with kerosene

by O. S David

Mother mistakenly fed only son with kerosene

A kerosene retailer, Mrs. Ata Buhari, in a bid to soothe her son’s thirst has inadvertently caused his death when she fed him kerosene instead of water.


The 18-month-old boy was reportedly the only son of four children born to his parents.

It was reported that the sad incident occurred on Tuesday at about 10 a.m at their home on Iguma Street, Off Medical Stores Road, Benin, Edo State after the deceased, Isreal Buhari had complained of thirst.

According to the reports, Mrs. Buhari mistook the liquid inside a plastic bottle which was brought to her shop by her older kids earlier in the day, for water and fed it to little Isreal.

Isreal reportedly spat out what was left of the kerosene in his mouth after the first gulp, and drew his mother’s attention to what had happened.

Reports state that the toddler screamed while his eyes turned white, following the consumption of the kerosene.

Despite frantic attempts to save Isreal’s life as neighbors rushed to their aid and fed him with palm oil, the young child reportedly died hours after being rushed to a nearby hospital.

The 36-year-old father of the deceased, Mr. Buhari Hassan, was reportedly called to the hospital where he was met with the corpse of his only son.

Though this is a sad news but the lesson in it should not be forgotten and should be taken serious by all parents (especially mothers) to always give maximum attention to their children irrespective of the nature of their job. Your children deserve your attention. Please give it to them.

May the soul of the deceased rest in peace.


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