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12 Attitudes to Take When Your Husband Ignores Your Feelings

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12 Attitudes to Take When Your Husband Ignores Your Feelings
A harmonious relationship is possible to be achieved when the spouses work together for this. It does not mean that challenges will never come, after all each has its own way of being and its differences that sometimes cause detachment from each other, but both can make improvements that will help achieve harmony and happiness.

Many wives find it difficult for their husbands to talk to them, listen to what they mean, show lack of consideration for their interests and emotions. How to deal intelligently with these husbands who ignore their feelings? Some attitudes can help deal with this very common problem, which does not always have to be bad.

1. Communicate
Most couples are not good at it, it’s something that everyone needs to improve. The manner of speaking may seem small, but it has a great effect. Then consider:

Do not use language when talking. Both are equal and do not have the authority to command the other. Do not use phrases like “you should” or “you can not”.

Find out why he is ignoring you. Do you have evidence or is he just “distracted”?

Tell him how you feel and what you think. Speak slowly. If the spouse is expected to do something, say, do not expect him to read your mind and do not rely on giving advice.

Say what you want. Say what you are not happy with and what you want. Use “I” instead of “you” and avoid words like “always” and “never”. Clearly speaking what you want gives the spouse a chance to succeed. Instead of saying “You should take the trash out every day,” say “I’d love for you to take out the trash every day.”

Clarify misunderstandings. If you are not sure about your behavior, then ask if he is ignoring or angry at you. Sometimes he has no intention of ignoring, if not ask you will never know for sure.
Do not wait too long because holding onto things will make someone explode and make things much worse.

Take the first step. Confront him with subtlety and encourage him to speak or respond. Try it at a better time.

Know that the relationship does not work if there is no communication. If you have not argued and he is ignoring you, say that you prefer to stay on the computer or with others than with you, try to make some of these suggestions while you think about how to move forward. Worrying will not help, this is your time to heal.

2. Calm down
Close your eyes, take a deep breath and seek your inner peace. Be responsible for your own happiness. Do not believe that “someday someone will make you happy”, do not depend on others or place your own value on others to be happy. Happiness comes from the inside out, it’s up to you to make it happy.

Do not look for an outlet like alcohol, tobacco or drugs, these substances poison from the inside out. We can not change many things, especially other people. Not to lose or to ignore itself is already a victory.

3. Leave, change environment
Get out a little, walk, drive or pedal, breathe fresh air, listen to music by doing this. Take a moment to observe everything, the trees, the birds, the sky, the weather, listen to the sounds around you.

A moment to be grateful for being alive. Doing something new encourages and improves feelings.

4. Get dressed and take care of yourself
Do not let difficulties make you stop caring. To be well you need to love yourself. If you do, put some makeup on, change your hair, highlight the beauty you have. Take photos of yourself. Feel joy and be creative and kind to yourself.

5. Spend some time around positive or inspiring people
Be with positive and inspiring people who make you feel good and happy and motivate you to continue and do good things. Friends and people you admire in some way. They are great influences and will do you good, they are like fresh air.

6. Spend time with family
If you have your family members around, come by to say hi, to do things together, to talk or to vent. They can be fun, great companies and even great support.

7. Finish a book
There’s a good old friend. To calm the mind, to venture, to laugh, to be moved, to entertain, to distract, to live many sensations. Read your favorite authors, something completely new, you will not have to buy, just grab some in the library and even spend time there. This can help bring your mood back.

8. Create your own creative or relaxing space
If it is possible, if your house or apartment is large or has a place, it would be interesting to turn it into a space to relax.

An empty room, a garage, an attic, a place in the yard, etc., can be your reading space, computer, gym, library, video or TV room, workspace or art.

9. Share your experiences and learning
It is amazing what can be learned from experiences, joys, difficulties, life. Write about everything that inspires you. Help others by contributing their knowledge, advice and experience. Your words and your ideas may be worth gold.

10. Write
Put it all on paper, or in a Diary. Your positive and optimistic and even negative things. Write the problems, the plans, the worries, the ideas, the desires, the goals, the expectations, the hopes, how to get out of any problem.

In addition to providing relief from everything that is stored inside you, it is a way of evaluating everything that comes to seek improvement.

11. Paparique herself
Forgetting about ourselves is not a healthy way of living. Make time for yourself, daily or weekly, it does not matter. Every woman has different ways to pamper herself, so do something you like. Remember that you will have to live with yourself for the rest of your life, so take good care of yourself and love yourself.

12. Decide
Seek to understand with your partner and find a way to communicate and commit. Sometimes this may all have been wrong conclusions or a misunderstanding, but you will have to find out. Do not suffer because of things you do not want, take care of yourself and your sanity. Fight for everything that is best for you.

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