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12 Common Allergies and How To Over Come Them

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12 Common Allergies and How To Over Come Them
The most common signs are aqueous nasal discharge, whether or not accompanied by sneezing in sequence and nasal congestion. Swelling and redness of the eyes and skin may occur, dry cough, shortness of breath, and tiredness.

1. Allergy to dust

One of the most common is this. It is easy to discover that the individual is allergic because as soon as he has contact or enters a very dusty environment signs occur.

Difficult to be avoided, especially if the person has no responsibility about the environment that needs to attend. Daily and thorough cleaning of the sites helps avoid the problem.

2. Allergy to pollen

Especially common in spring and very difficult to be avoided due to pollination being present in the open air. Keeping windows closed in the mornings and evenings helps keep the indoor environment free of allergens. Avoid outdoor outings at these times as well.

3. Allergy to animals
Far beyond the animal, the particles removed from the skin or saliva of the pets stay in the air, enter the airways and cause the symptoms. Reptiles and other hairless animals also cause allergies.

4. Allergy to fungi
Indoor environments compromised with molds, especially in places with high humidity end up causing this kind of nuisance. Cleaning environments, especially the humid ones such as bathrooms, taking care of towels so that they are always dry, removing garbage and cleaning filters and air conditioners are very important to avoid inconvenience.

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5. Food
Signs may include hives and other skin manifestations, swellings especially lips and throat, problems in the intestinal tract, nausea, and anaphylactic symptoms that can cause death depending on the body’s response.

6. Eggs
More common in children than adults, but it can occur at any time in life, caution in eating is best done until it is known that it is safe to eat with this product.

7. Nuts, nuts and other dried fruits

Sometimes, when processed, the powder of these foods if inhaled also causes disorders.

8. Seafood
Blood tests can be performed to check for allergy to this and other foods.

9. Cutaneous
The signs are redness, swelling, reddening rashes, dry and rough skin and itching.

10. Atopic dermatitis
Usually people who have this allergy have genetically allergic antecedents. They may also present, perhaps not at the same time as dermatitis, rhinitis, and other respiratory allergic diseases. Intense hydration on affected areas, usually elbows and knees, will be recommended by a specialist.

11. Contact dermatitis
Caused by an allergen in contact with the skin like metals in costume jewelry, cleaning products, substances in perfumes and deodorants or even fabrics. To resolve the problem, materials should be removed from the skin. Medications may need to be administered. It is important to always consult a specialist to avoid aggravating the problem.

12. Urticaria

It can occur in any of the other types of allergy, both respiratory and food. Also, cold or heat and even physical exercise can also cause this discomfort.

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Finding healthy alternatives that reduce allergies can be a good way to lessen the inconvenience you feel. This includes maintaining a balanced life, avoiding physical inactivity, eating properly and escaping from stress.

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