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12 effects of contraceptive pill in your body

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12 effects of contraceptive pill in your body

The contraceptive pill is undoubtedly the most widely used contraceptive method among women since, in addition to preventing unwanted pregnancies, it is still practical and easy to use. What, perhaps, you do not know is that the birth control pill can trigger some reactions in our body.

So if you are worried about any symptoms that may occur, we are sure that our article will answer your questions, check it out!

1. Weight gain
With the use of contraceptive, there is an increase of the hormones in your body, this can lead to the urge to eat almost all the time, in addition, there are pills that make the body retain liquid, this will make you look like you are in the middle more!

2. Mood swings
Prolonged use of the contraceptive may cause the body’s levels of serotonin (mood hormone) to decrease, causing a bad mood.

3. Risk of thrombosis
The risk of thrombosis only increases if a woman is already predisposed to cardiovascular diseases, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

4. Nausea or a headache
These symptoms are more common early in treatment, so if they last for a long time what you should do is consult your gynecologist too, who knows, change the pill.

5. Appearance of pimples
One of the treatments for acne is the use of the contraceptive pill, but some women may develop or make it worse with the use of the medication, if this happens you should consult your gynecologist for more information and, perhaps, make the exchange of the pill.

6. Decreased libido
This occurs with many women because the contraceptive pill can cause the levels of testosterone in the body to decrease. This usually happens with extremely anxious people.

7. Decreased menstrual flow
This is very common among women, especially those who use low-dose hormonal pills because the lining of the uterus becomes thinner and thinner, causing the flow to subside.

8. Relief of menstrual cramps
Yes, it happens! The hormones present in the pill cause the production of prostaglandin is decreased, this hormone is released by the body to increase uterine contraction during menstruation, decreasing levels of this hormone, also decrease colic.

9. Women who take prolonged use of the pill take longer to conceive
Prolonged use of the contraceptive pill can cause delay when a woman decides to become pregnant because the hormones in the pill may be between one fat deposit and another in the body, thus delaying ovulation.

10. Increases the appearance of varicose veins
Yes! Prolonged use of the contraceptive pill may cause varicose veins to appear, as it has several effects on the cardiovascular system.

11. Can cause candidiasis
This can occur due to the fact that the pill increases estrogen levels in the body and this causes an increase in blood sugar levels affecting the immune system because sugar prevents the absorption of Vitamin C by the cells.

Candida benefits from this because it is a fungus that feeds on sugar and takes advantage of the low immunity of the woman.

12. Can prevent cancer
Studies have proven that prolonged use of the pill can prevent cancer of the endometrium and ovary.

Well, I can assure you that if you really can know the advantages and disadvantages of contraceptives to your body, then you know that consult your doctor before taking one or get to visit the family planning session of your hospital.

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