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12 Hidden Healers Of Marriage (Part 1)- Pastor Bisi Adewale

by Adenike Akindude
12 Hidden Healers Of Marriage (Part 1)- Pastor Bisi Adewale.dailyfamily.ng

12 Hidden Healers Of Marriage (Part 1)- Pastor Bisi Adewale

A marriage can become sick when it lacks natural and supernatural nutrients to make it work. The symptom of this sicould be argument, strife, malice, hatred, constant disagreement etc.

12 Hidden Healers Of Marriage (Part 1)- Pastor Bisi Adewale.dailyfamily.ng

Pastor Bisi Adewale

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No matter the state of your marriage, there is no marriage irreparable in the workshop of God, all you need to do are the following:

*Develop a positive mindset about your spouse: your marriage will be whatever your heart makes it to be, if you allow rubbish in your heart about your spouse you will experience whirlwind in your marriage. No matter your disagreement, she is your spouse as the best for yourself.

*Be committed to forgiveness: you will definitely offend each other at one time or the other, what will keep your marriage moving is forgiveness in spite of imperfectness of both of you. Quality marriage comes from a total commitment to continuous forgiveness for the rest of your life.

*Departmental marriage talk: every marriage has at least 18 departments, holding what I love to refer to as departmental marriage talk, will make your marriage better. This involves talking about different components of your marriage, which includes: Spiritual life, Health, Finance, Sex, Children, in-laws, Jobs/Career/Ministry, Vision, Outlook, Food, Projects etc.

Departmental marriage talk involves you sitting down deliberately, facing each other, with writing materials in your hands, picking the “departments” one by one talking about them, looking at where things are not working well, how to make things as partners in love for mutual benefits. Please don’t leave one department until you’ve done justice to it.

*Days Off: taking some days off monthly to be with your spouse, to talk, play, plan, pray, sleep, rest, unwind and make our marriage better, lack of attention and stress can lead to absence of intimacy which may be hurting your marriage as you are reading this, taking some days off with your spouse far away from your job, children, phones, laptops etc. may just be the answer.

*Fresh touch: having stay long together in marriage may be hurting your marriage, it may be the reason why your marriage looks dull and uninteresting, it may be the reason why things look bored and you feel lonely despite his or her presence.

Give a new touch to your marriage by getting new knowledge about marriage, love, romance and sex. This you can do by listening to marriage messages from anointed men of God or read marriage books alone or with your spouse or attend marriage programs, seminars or quality couples banquet meetings.

*Reconciliation: forgiveness is good but it is not enough to make your marriage work, you need reconciliation with your spouse. If you are the offending partner, apologise to your spouse and talk extensively so that you can move on.

If you are the offended partner forgive your spouse and call him or her into a LOVE MEETING where you can talk things out without blaming or passing judgement and please don’t wait for an apology if your spouse is not ready to give especially if he or she did not think he or she offended you or have reasons for doing what he or she did.

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