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12 little secrets to let Your Crush Go Crazy On You

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12 little secrets to let Your Crush Go Crazy On You
All of us, at some point in our lives, find that person who makes our hearts beat. We can feel in a delicate situation, since we do not want to miss the opportunity to make it work.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a way to conquer it, after all, there is no magic recipe. However, it is possible to use some trickery to get attention and leave the crush crazy for you .

And that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

1 – Bet on your personality
Do not hesitate to show yours to the person you are trying to conquer. Take a moment of your day and reflect, think about the things about yourself that you like best.

Suppose you are a girl with a great sense of humor, why not use it to your advantage?

Trust yourself, do not hide traces of your personality just because you think you’re going to drive the kid away. Being yourself is the best alternative so they can really get to know you.

And nothing better than to feel that the boy likes you for being just the way you are.

2 – Do not be afraid to speak your mind
When we try to win over someone, it is common to sometimes hide their real opinions for fear of contradicting the person – and end up losing all the chances they could have.

In fact, it is essential to be honest. Talking what you think causes the boy to see in you originality.

And nothing is more attractive than an authentic girl.

If he’s a fan of a particular movie you do not like, do not pretend to like it just to please. Laugh about it and try to find common tastes.

Be with serials, religion, politics, music: Show your true opinion, not forgetting to respect his opinion – just as he must respect yours.

3 – Invest in your appearance
The appearance is definitely not what matters most. But let’s face it: It’s a plus point in your favor.

It is interesting to draw the attention of crush through your personality, as we address in the above topics.

Still, in the conquest phase, there is no one who does not dedicate to increase the visual to stand out a little bit – is not it?

Imagine that the boy is already beginning to like you, and out of nowhere you come up with a makeup, hair and breathtaking clothes.

It sure will crush you crazy!

4 – Listen
We’ve talked about how important it is to be open and say what you think, however, remember to listen too.

Everyone likes to be heard, and, with their crush, it’s no different.

Show him that you are open for when he wants to vent, or even tell some news.

Ask questions, let them speak, and show understanding and enthusiasm.

Keep something he says and tackle the subject a few days later, as it will make him think “wow, she paid attention to what I said!” If he says he is having trouble choosing a college course, remember to say a few weeks later, “so what? Have you decided, anyway? ”

Besides having subjects to talk to, it will also make him feel special.

5 – Avoid running behind
In a relationship , be it love or friendship, it is fundamental that each of the involved have their space.

It does not mean that you should hide your real intentions with the loved one, failing to demonstrate that you have an interest.

For many, having a girl running behind can even cause feelings of intimidation – almost as if by instinct.

After all, even if it is not your intention, your crush may end up feeling pressured with the need to live up to your expectations – you may even be afraid to hurt yourself, in case you are not sure what feelings he has for you until time.

Try not to always be the one who starts pulling subject by messages, for example.

Initiate conversations eventually and see if he also brings up a subject with you.

Also avoid always going after him at work, school … make him miss you, and recognize his presence more and more.

6 – Personally X Virtually
Chatting through messages is a great alternative to keep in touch when both parties are distant from each other.

However, avoid talking to your crush only through social networks or messages in general. Choose to invite him to a bar, cinema or just to stroll around the mall.

Aside from being an opportunity for you to have physical contact, talking face to face can make the chemistry between you both flow more easily.

7 – Take no notice of yourself
Many girls tend to feel insecure when it comes to body, for example.

The idea of ??not having an “ideal body” may even lead some women to even try to pull a subject with their crushes.

It is not because you consider yourself a little overweight, or too thin, that it is worth depreciating the incredible girl you are.

Leave thoughts like “he would never want something with someone like me” back! Seek to develop your self-confidence, know that you can win over the person you want.

Do not let yourself be limited by features you do not like – come to love every bit of who you are, sure your crush will also. Accept compliments!

8 – Body Language
This is a topic that works more like a “psychological trick.” There are numerous studies that prove the relationship between body language effectiveness for a loving attraction.

Try to use eye contact, sit in front of him, lean on his arm (physical contact in general), among other devices.

There are those who say that even letting the wrists in sight can help make your crush feel attracted to you – even though he does not even notice it at the time.

9 – Do not pretend disinterest
We have already talked about not chasing after, but make no mistake: Not staying up all the time does not mean showing disinterestedness.

It is a mistake to keep in mind that men like women who are not even “there” to them. In most cases, they simply tend to give up and walk away.

Avoid refusing invitations from your crush to dates, or ignore all your messages and calls.

If you want something serious with it, why take the risk of making it lose interest?

A good tip is to give a “gelinho” from time to time, not being present and available at all times.

However, remember to be there for one conversation or another, showing that you are interested in having something with it.

10 – Demonstrate security
If you’ve come this far, you probably already have an idea of ??how important it is not to be afraid to show the crush who you really are.

Demonstrating security is basically putting the topics discussed above into practice, and feeling good about it.

It’s much easier to relate to someone when you’re not worrying so much about what they might think. Do not let the fact that you have not put on your makeup on the day interfere with your confidence for good times with your crush, for example.

It’s not because your hair is not on the best days, that you need to avoid seeing your loved one.

It is crucial to know how to laugh at yourself. A self-confident girl is extremely attractive in the eyes of anyone, to demonstrate will only leave the crush crazy for you more and more.

11 – Seek common interests
Imagine how amazing to discover that besides being beautiful and interesting, your crush is also cracked by your favorite singer.

Try to talk to him and discover tastes that you may have in common.

Finding something you both enjoy is a great way to bring the bonds closer together, and who knows, make the two of you two even closer.

Aside from having plenty to talk about, you will become, to him, a girl with whom you will want to hang out together more and more.

Talk about music, movies, hobbies, favorite meals … The boy will surely feel the need to know even more peculiarities about you – just as you will feel like knowing his.

Having interests in common is an excellent step for a possible relationship, after all, nothing better than knowing that the person you are related to likes the same things as you.

Maybe it’s not an invitation to a show or to a movie that you both like?

12 – Count on his friends
The friends of your crush are key to making the relationship between you two a step ahead.

Suppose he hears from his friends great things about you, about how cool and fun you are, for example.

This will spur more curiosity on his part, making him want to get closer to you.

Remember to be discreet, do not try to ask a friend of his to try to get you two together – in case you are not very close.

It may happen that your friend tells the crush that “she asked me to ask if you like her,” and that’s not very good.

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