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12 phrases that men hate to hear when they take one out

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12 phrases that men hate to hear when they take one out
One of the most incomprehensible male facets for women is their pride. A man’s pride can easily be broken by a woman, and what she will gain in return is contempt.

Therefore, when giving away a man, whether at the moment of flirting or in a relationship that no longer satisfies him, avoid saying these 12 phrases, because surely the effect will be as follows:

1. I do not want to ruin our friendship
Well, I guess it’s too late. The friendship has already been ruined with this out.

2. Let’s continue as friends?
When dating ends, being friends is difficult for a man. Do not even try. You could say “I hope we remain friends,” but let him decide.

3. I never really loved you
Oh, so you lied all this time to me? What else did you lie about?

4. Your family does not like me
And I like them. So painful to realize that.

5. I’m confused
This will not stick, and will only irritate you. Women generally know very well when they want and when they do not want a man.

6. I need some time alone
Only away from him, after all you will not let go of parties, going out with friends, going to the ballad, to college, etc. etc.

7. It’s not you, it’s me.
This is classic and the most used excuse. If you did not bother to find and tell the real reason, then yes, you are right, it’s you!

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8. I’m liking you so much
Oh, yeah, that’s why you are giving me a break, imagine if you hated me, what would you have done?

9. You deserve better
If I’m with you it’s because I think you are the best for me.

10. Look, I admire you, you are an incredible individual, but let us remain that way.

11. I want to have more time to go out with my friends.
In fact, what you will hear is “I want to hang out with ONE of my friends and you are messing up.” It is true that you are responsible for what you say, not for what he understands, but surely that phrase will show him that you do not like him very much and want to meet new people.

12. My father does not want
If you are an adult you must learn to make your own decisions and know what is best for you. If your father still directs your life, you are not ready for a relationship. So, do not even start one.

When the relationship no longer has way to go and you decide that it’s time to end, or when you realize that the guy wants something more than friendship, simply be direct and respectful. Some simple steps can help:

1. Begin the conversation by highlighting his positive points.

A good example would be to say that you love him and that you are very happy to meet him. Or point out that you have been together for a long time and that it is important to you.

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2. Say the impediment or reason for the break
“I’m not ready to start a serious relationship right now.”

“I already have someone” or “I like someone else.”

“We’re fighting more than having fun.”

“You betrayed me and I can not accept that.”

“I’m liking someone else.”

3. State clearly that you do not want to start a relationship or that you want to end – men do not understand very subtleties and indirect

“So I do not want to start a relationship with you.”

“I respect him too much to play with his feelings.”

“That’s why I’m breaking up with you.”

“We can remain as friends but no longer as boyfriends.”

4. Apologize if it hurts you.
Phrases such as “I’m sorry if things were not as expected” or “I do not want to hurt you, but that’s how I feel, sorry if I did.”

5. Say something affectionate or positive
“I’m sure another girl will be very happy to meet you,” or “I’ll always remember our good times.”

Do not be surprised if he gets hurt, crying or even getting upset. It happens. Give it space to express what you feel.

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