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12 protein-rich foods for those who want to replace meat

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12 protein-rich foods for those who want to replace meat
Maintaining a healthy diet, which in addition to helping maintain optimal body weight still provides you with enough nutrients – can be difficult.

One of the key issues that comes up relates to proteins that are key to a healthy body.

Among the foods rich in protein we have red meat. However, it is not only meat that can fulfill this role in our diet.

To help anyone who wants to reduce or even cut down on this food from their diet we will list 12 protein-rich foods.

They are options that will help keep your body strong and without the need to consume meat since it has aroused so much distrust in consumers.

So let’s know the other options
1. Seeds
It may seem strange, but sunflower seeds, chia, almonds and pistachios can be excellent substitutes for meat.

In addition to being rich in proteins also has anti-inflammatory action and other nutrients such as magnesium and potassium. Be aware of the calories of this seed, do not consume in large quantity.

2. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are high protein foods. Did you know that the amount of protein present in 100 grams of red meat is almost the same as the amount present in 100 grams of mushrooms of any variety?

Mushrooms still offer your body other nutrients like minerals and vitamins. The immune system can be greatly benefited by the consumption of mushrooms.

3. Brown rice
Brown rice is a source of protein. Brown rice is healthier than white rice and may be a great source of protein, but pay attention that you should consume it along with other sources of protein.

Being a food rich in fibers, it helps to improve the functioning of the intestine and potentiates the production of serotonin (well-being hormone) by the body because it is a carbohydrate absorbed more slowly.

4 eggs
Eggs are high protein foods. Following our list of high protein foods, we have eggs that have lots of nutrients.

Besides proteins, eggs are also a source of vitamin B12 that is found in animal products, so it is a great substitute for meat. To not lose the vitamins that eggs can offer, the tip is to cook them for a period of 3 to 4 minutes.

5. Peas
For those who find the peas dull it is good to know that these tiny vegetables offer about 5% protein. The most interesting thing about peas is that they keep the same amount of protein in different states. The best tip for pea consumption is to combine the same with other foods that offer protein as well.

6. Oats
In addition to being one of the foods rich in protein, oats (consumed in the form of flour or grains) offers benefits to the body as being antioxidant and to have B vitamins.

The tip is to consume a little oatmeal throughout the day, note that we have a list of 12 foods that can help you gain access to the amount of protein your body needs to the detriment of meat so you can combine them.

7. Coconuts
The chicken fillet has the same amount of protein as 80 grams of coconut. Nutritionists recommend eating the fruit or the milk obtained from it.



Keep in mind only the fact that coconut has an excessive amount of saturated fats, and should not be consumed on a large scale during your day. Being rich in fiber, coconut also helps your bowel to function better.

8. Miso soup (typical Japanese soup)
Those who like Japanese cuisine will like this option on our list, in this soup it is possible to get 12% of complete proteins.

With three servings of this soup it is possible to have the same amounts of proteins present in a chicken fillet.

The base of this soup is soybeans that undergo fermentation. The soup still acts against hypertension and bad cholesterol.

9. Quinoa

Among the grains, quinoa is one of the highlights of protein sources, and in only 100 grams of the product it is possible to obtain 15 grams of proteins.

But, be aware that this quantity may fluctuate according to the grain diversity. It is also a great source of fibers. To get an idea, about 160 grams of quinoa can replace a chicken fillet.

10. Avocado
Each avocado that you consume acquires, around, 2% of proteins.

The fruit has about the same amount of protein as that found in whole milk.

However, be aware that you should not consume many avocado units per day, but rather combine the potential of the fruit with other foods rich in protein. Avocado also contains omega 6 and fiber.

11. Chickpeas
Chickpea is one of the most complete foods in terms of nutrients.

This food contains minerals like iron, magnesium and calcium in addition to B-complex vitamins.

The food can get up to 23% protein, but as they are not complete it is necessary to combine it with other foods. Chickpea increases the production of serotonin.

12. Beet
To close our list of high-protein foods that can help replace meat, we have the beets.

Consumption of six units of beets may replace a chicken fillet.

In this food it is still possible to obtain good amount of antioxidants and still has the advantage of having few calories and can be consumed in greater quantity.

So, in replacing meat, we have other options available and this options seems more healthier than meat. So try as much as possible to get other replacements for meat.


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