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12 Things married women hate about their husband 

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Marriage or in a relationship, whether it is inside the bedroom or outside it, whether it is in public or in private, there are some habits you must avoid as a husband.

There are some common things that women hate about men in marriage.

#1 Hogging the TV remote

As a couple, watching the Television together is a very good ideal and extremely romantic.
In the same way, it can also be extremely annoying for a woman, depending on whether her man shares the remote or not. Hogging the remote is a common male habit that women despise.
Woman expects her man to cuddle her and watch a romantic-comedy or a TV show about fashion, not sport every time.

#2 Woman hate it when man ignoring love expression

Being completely unromantic is one of the biggest things that women hate about men.
As a man, you need to spice up your relationship. Women hate it when men take the romance in a relationship for granted.
In marriage, women do not want their men to behave like bubbly teenagers in love all the time but a regular expression of love and romance in the form of warm kisses, unexpected warm cuddles, giving a rose without any reason and compliments on her looks.

#3 Woman hate selective listener husband

All women hate selective listener men, it makes them feel frustrated and ignored when their men selected to listen to the only conversation that interests them.
Women hate it when their men zone off completely when they start talking about their new hairstyle.

#4 Taking sex for granted

Immediately you are married to her, you must not take sex for granted in your relationship.
Women hate it when her men not putting effort to turn them on.

#5 Still getting in touch with his ex

A woman hates it when her husband keeps in touch with his ex-girlfriend during his bachelor’s days. She will feel pangs of jealousy over a partner’s ex regardless of how secure and confident she is about herself and the relationship.

There will be many question going through her mind like; does he still miss the ex? Is it possible that he still has feelings for her? Does he share a chemistry with her that is better than their own?

#6 Women hate it when their men stare at another lady

Forget about years of the marriage, women get really irritated when their men stare at other women. It is a direct insult to them on many levels.

#7 Messing up and leaving stuff all over the house

One of the common arguments between married couples is a man’s messy ways around the house. Scattered dirty clothes everywhere in the house.
Many women believe that their husband’s messy habits are a direct insult and disregard to their efforts in keeping the house clean.

#8 Women hate it when men do not show interest in womanly activities

A woman wants her man to show as much interest in her activities, such as she as
accompanying her on a shopping trip or taking her to see a theatre play once in a while.
Women hate it when guys turn into fitness freaks
Thou women appreciate it when their men look fit and handsome, but it is unappealing when their men become fitness freaks and try to morph into muscular monster.

#9 Women hate men that try to dominate a relationship

Women hate men that inflate egos in a relationship, they want men to leave their egos behind when they are together.

#10 Showing disgust over women’s hygiene issues

Women want their men to be more accepting of all women’s hygiene issues including hair removal, underwear, and periods.

#11 Unapologetic farting in front of your woman

Women expect their men to excuse themselves and pass gas in private. They hate it when their men unapologetically fart loudly in front of them. It is gross and shows bad manners.

#12 Comparing your wife to your mother or ex

Women will feel devalued if her men compare them to their mother or exes. It feels derogatory and it can make a woman feel like she is not the most important female figure in his life.

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