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12 things that go through your mind when starting the gym after 30

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12 things that go through your mind when starting the gym after 30
Starting a physical activity is not an easy task. Regardless of age, if the exercises are not in the daily routine, starting to practice them will bring pain and some unpleasant moments, until you become familiar with your new routine.

Start attending gym after 30, so it’s worse. When sedentarism has already taken over your routine, venturing and resorting to physical exercise can be difficult. Lack of willingness, time, and willingness will surely be present. Just like the urge to stay on the couch you want to win at any cost.

But nothing that a bit of persistence and good humor does not help to make this moment a little less traumatizing. Check out some thoughts that go through your mind as you begin the academy at this stage of life:

1. It seems that you are the least willing person in the gym
But in fact you are just tired after a full day of work or taking care of your personal chores.

2. You try not to compare yourself with the younger girls
Realizes that time really does pass, and that some things are no longer in the place they are supposed to be.

3. You convince yourself that the best time to work out is in the morning
Realize the other day that just as you would like to still be in your bed, your body and your brain are still asleep.

4. Go to the gym with comfortable clothes
After all, nothing better than a good pair of sweatpants after a long day at work. But upon arriving at the gym comes a fashion show.

5. Start the exercises with the greatest excitement

6. Try to flee desperately from the mirror

7. Choose a dance class, avoiding bodybuilding

8. Try to get used to the academy’s songs

9. Do not understand the other women are so produced
With a brush on her hair and makeup, and her dignity left you in the first liter of sweat.

10. Kills to take the bike class to the end
To later remember that all the effort does not compensate that number of calories consumed in the form of a delicious hamburger.

11. Can go to the gym every day for a month
Realize that the much-desired miraculous result is still far from being achieved.

12. You find that exercising is not so bad.

Over time, practicing physical exercises becomes routine and pleasurable. So do not give up on the first difficulty, cramp or muscle pain, because taking care of health is a great investment and will always be worth it!

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