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12 Tricks That Every Housewife Needs To Know

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12 Tricks That Every Housewife Needs To Know
In the day-to-day running, it can be a big challenge to keep the house organized and to be able to do all the housework. In addition, small accidents are common but we can not always decipher solutions quickly.

Did you unwittingly scratch the sofa with your pen? Did you put the T-shirt on without the deodorant drying out and got stains? Was it to dye your hair and end up getting your clothes dirty? She tried to make a jelly for dessert but she got all blown off when it came to unmolding? These things happen more than we would like, but they are no reason to ruin anyone’s day: solutions can be so much simpler than you think!

To get around the most diverse situations of daily life, it is very useful to know some tricks. After all, leaving the most practical activities – in the kitchen, in the organization, or in the cleaning – much more free time to take other forms.

Here are some simple, practical and quick tips that can change the way you face a domestic setback in the most diverse settings.

1. Sharpen the knife without grinder: sometimes the knives leave us in the hand to prepare a meal and the grinder is not always around. But using the grinder is not the only way to fix that blind knife! Just take a matchbox and sharpen the knife blade in the same stripe as the match.

2. Keep fresh sandwiches: the sandwich is practical, fast and a great savior of times when even the time to eat is short. You can further expand this convenience by preparing several sandwiches at a time, to have a snack ready at various times. To keep them fresh, place some lettuce leaves on aluminum foil, place the sandwich on top, wrap and store in the refrigerator.

3. Thicken bean broth: If you like the beans with the fuller broth but do not get this cooking effect, remove a cooked bean ladle from the pan and knead the beans. Then return the pasta to the pan, stir well and boil for a few more minutes.

4. Avoid Drying Roast Beef: Before blaming your oven for the dryness of a roast chicken, pay attention to the seasoning used on the meat! The vinegar and lemon added before the meat to the oven can leave it dry. Orange and pineapple are good replacements for these ingredients.

5. Softening the cold butter: Using the cold butter can end up becoming a test of strength and patience, especially on colder days. To streamline the process and let it quench faster, heat a bowl of hot water and cover the butter with it, as if it were a greenhouse.

6. Bake fish without sticking in the way: this is a simple solution – tasty! – to prevent the fish from sticking together after roasting. Before bringing the fish to the oven, grease the bottom of the shape and coat it with thick slices of potatoes, placing the fish on top. In the end, the reward is an unglued dish complimented by baked potatoes.

7. Keep the ice cream soft in the freezer: Once opened, an ice cream pot could end up losing the magic in the freezer. The accumulated ice leaves the ice cream hardened and still changes the flavor. To avoid this buildup and keep the creamy dessert, store the pot in the freezer inside a plastic bag.

8. Clean Green Corn: If you suffer from the difficulty of taking out the corn hooks that stick to the spikes, adopt a toothbrush to help you with the task! The brush makes the wires break less often and leave more easily.

9. Chopping dried fruits: The difficulty here is with those stickier dry fruits that stick to the knife blade as they are chopped. To avoid this effect, warm scissors or knife in hot water before pricking them.

10. Defrosting red meat: did not give time to plan before cooking and the meat is still frozen? A quick way to defrost is by placing the meat to marinate for a few minutes in the vinegar, which increases the temperature of the ingredient. Then, defrost in the microwave or with water.

11. Leave the salt loose: over time, the salt is getting more full and it can be an adventure to get a salt shaker. To keep it low, bring a pan to the heat and, after heating, place the salt and stir for two or three minutes. To do this, try to avoid aluminum pots and use low heat.

12. Unmold gelatin without breaking: for a perfect gelatin after unmolding, count on the aid of high temperatures! Soak the form in hot water or wrap it with a wet towel with warm water. After a few minutes, just unscrew by tapping the bowl.

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